Since the beginning, humans have found themselves entangled in music. We see some sort of passion in music that words alone cannot describe. Gas Station Disco, an indie pop band from Pottsville, Pennsylvania, has captured this concept perfectly with their new song– “Roundabout.”

We typically think of ballads as slow romantic songs, in fact, that’s been the basic definition of ballads in music since humans found this medium. However, if we recognize that our modern music reflects a very different appearance of love and romance we can see that maybe it is time for the definition to acquire a new set of songs. For us, it is no longer about grand sweeping gestures, but getting swept up by an overwhelming longing. Our romantic music should reflect that. Roundabout is a modern ballad. Perhaps not the slow heartbreaking fairytale typically associated with that term, but instead in a way that resonates with a new era of music.

Gas Station Disco speaks to a human condition by drawing an allegory between roundabouts and infatuation. I, for one, found myself trapped in circular love with this song. The upbeat tempo, paired with misunderstood terror in the lyrics, reflects exactly how it feels to be tumbling through a roundabout, through love with no escape.

Being wrapped in love with no exits it’s tough enough, but when the person you’re pining after is full of deception, it becomes harder to find sanity. Kudos to Gas Station Disco for their lyrical imagery and matching musical genius.

With a new song came a new music video. Not only is it creative, but its aesthetic draws fans back to the band’s indie pop roots. The video is fun and playful, but serious enough to draw in those who may be searching for a hidden meaning. Perhaps the most notable part of the video is the ending.

Leader singer, Michael Welten, is finally able to break free of the clasp of his captors, only to find the crazy video to be all just a dream.

Even when you think you find your way out of love, you’ll find that your thoughts were all just “smoke and mirrors”.

These well thought out music, lyrics, and video really proves Gas Station Disco is in it for the long haul and I’m sure you’ll be seeing more from these boys in the future. To be able to connect with fans and relate to them in such a way will continue to be a strength for this dynamic group.

Check out the video!


Contributed by Alex West | @PresidentWestie