It is not a mystery that music streaming services keep trying to find the perfect balance between features, users, and labels or artists satisfaction. This time Apple Music is making its move.

Spotify announced back in April a deal with Universal Music Group in which the label and artists could release albums exclusively for up to two weeks only for paid subscribers. Such move was seen to be done in the right direction towards pleasing the industry requirements regarding earnings for both the streaming service and the labels who argue that free tiers are not beneficial.

Since its launch, Apple Music made a big deal about album exclusives in the service, and because of that, certain albums like Taylor Swift’s latest can only be found in there. But now Apple Music is changing its mind. As reported by The Verge today, Apple’s streaming music service will no longer commit to album exclusives, arguing that labels don’t like that.

Apple will still do some exclusives, but only time will tell if they are going to be done only for a certain period of time or with extremely popular artists.