Do you need some new music to listen to? The All Punked Up team are here to share what we can’t stop playing on repeat. Whether the album is old or new, here is what we’ve been listening to and what we think you should check out!


206: Act I (2018) by Bohnes

“The album I’ve had on repeat this month is 206: Act I by Bohnes. I’ve been a fan of Alex DeLeon’s music since The Cab, so it was no surprise I loved his solo music as well. 206: Act I starts off with ’12 Rounds’, my personal favorite on the album. ’12 Rounds’ has an eerie vibe before building into a poetic, inspiring fight song that will get you fired up. The fourth song, ‘My Friends’ starts off with a strong guitar riff and discusses becoming friends with the demons in your head and making peace with them. The album also features songs like ‘Six Feet Under’ and ‘Zombie Love’ which depict the resurrection of a relationship thought to be dead. 206: Act I closes with ‘Better Than Me’, a dynamic ballad depicting Bohnes breaking up with someone because he thinks they deserve better than him. The whole album features strong instrumentals paired with moving lyrics and incredible vocals. I truly recommend everyone give Bohnes a listen!” – Tori


Past Lives (2018) by Against The Current

Past Lives is the sophomore album from Against The Current. As a whole, the sound of the album is much more mature than In Our Bones and shows the growth and transformation that the band has gone through over the past two years. From the artwork to the lyrics, this album opens a window to the ‘past lives’ of the band with stories that are real and true. From songs like ‘Strangers Again’ and ‘Personal’ to songs like ‘I Like The Way’ and ‘Sweet Surrender’, the band lets the audience in on events that can sometimes be too hard to talk about. If you’re looking for something honest and personal, but still upbeat and fun to listen to I would highly recommend Past Lives.” – Natalie


Colours (2018) by Melo Moreno

“With this wide combination of sounds, the Spanish multi-instrumentalist Melo Moreno released her first full album this past Friday, Colours. Melo Moreno, better known on YouTube as ‘Yellow Mellow’, brings her fans and followers 13 songs composed of a ‘big palate of colours’, from slow melodies to pop rhythms, accompanied by Melo’s versatile voice. Colours is the album I’ve been playing on loop since it was released and I totally recommend it to you.” – Camila


Thank You & Goodbye (2016) by Boys of Fall

“In preparation for Boys of Fall’s comeback sophomore LP, Better Moments, this month I decided to revisit their first album Thank You & Goodbye. As you could probably tell by the title, Thank You & Goodbye was suppose to be the band’s only album as they broke up shortly after the release of the album, believing they had gone as far as they could after struggling to find success. Many labels and listeners failed to understand the bands music (showcased in the music video for ‘Thanks For The Burgers’) and they were also met with sound comparisons galore. Despite being broken up, the band just couldn’t stop themselves from continuing to write music together and soon things finally began looking up for them as the album did incredibly well and began attracting attention from labels. The band ended up reforming and singing to the good folks over at InVogue Records. Thank You & Goodbye showcases the band’s original hybrid sound of pop punk and post-hardcore and their knack for writing incredibly catchy vocal melodies, hard-hitting instrumentals, and heartfelt and incredibly relatable lyrics. From the heavier tracks to the poppier tracks, the band delivers on each and every one (although I’m still not crazy about the album version of ‘My Promise To Maryland’. I still prefer the single version of the track) and makes you wonder why they struggled to find success with the immense amount of talent they have. I’m incredibly happy to see the band back and better than ever and I can’t wait for Better Moments to hit my ears.” – Ian


the yunahon mixtape (2018) by Oso Oso

“In the midst of 2018’s emo revival lies Oso Oso’s latest studio album, the yunahon mixtape. Releases within the revival scene tend to be a hit-or-miss for me, but every song from this record is catchy, memorable, and universally listener-friendly. Songs like ‘the cool’ and ‘reindeer games’ will make you want to bob your head along to the music, while songs such as ‘get there (when you’re there)’ facilitates self-reflection. If you need music to play in the car, at an event, or even out in public, the yunahon mixtape won’t let you (nor anyone else) down.” – Jina