Considering this year will be the last full cross-country run of the Vans Warped Tour, most of the crowds showing up at each show are larger than they’ve been in previous years. For some, this may be their first Warped Tour so we’ve put together a list of Warped Tour Do’s and Don’ts to make sure you’re prepared for a full day of music.

Do: Wear Sunscreen

More likely than not, the day of Warped Tour is going to be hot and sunny. Make sure you keep applying sunscreen to prevent getting burnt.

Don’t: Bring Aerosol Sunscreen

Most venues don’t allow aerosol cans to be brought through the front gates so your aerosol sunscreen will probably be taken away when you go through security. Some venues waive the rule for all day events like Warped Tour but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Do: Stay Hydrated

As we mentioned before, the day of Warped Tour is most likely going to be a hot and sunny day. It will also be a day full of being in large crowds. Make sure to keep drinking water and stay hydrated so you don’t end up overheating and fainting.

Don’t: Wear Open Toed Shoes

Warped Tour is outside and there are going to be thousands of people attending. There’s a high risk of being stepped on in the middle of a crowd so wearing open toed shoes might not be the best idea.

Do: Eat Throughout the Day

Eating throughout the day and staying hydrated go hand in hand. It’s going to be a long and ultimately tiring day and it’s much easier to get through if you’re not running on an empty stomach.

Don’t: Wear Tight Clothing

Being outside in the sun all day means you’re most likely going to be sweating. Wearing tight clothing that traps in the heat might not work out in your favor. We advise wearing light clothing that you can easily, and comfortably, move around in.

Do: Listen to Some New Bands in your Free Time

Warped Tour is a day to not only listen to some of your favorite bands, but to discover new artists you previously never would have listened to. If you have some down time try to catch a set by a band you’ve never heard of before. You just might find your new favorite.

Don’t: Let the Way you Have Fun Affect the Experience of the People Around You

Be respectful to your neighbors in a crowd. Everybody is there for the same reason; to have fun and listen to music. Make sure the way you have fun isn’t affecting someone else’s experience.

If you have any other tips or tricks to survive Warped Tour, leave a comment and let us know!