On Thursday February 8, 2018 Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria’s co-headlining tour rolled through Terminal 5 in New York City. Hearing these two bands were co-headlining a tour set high expectations but Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria exceeded all of those, making it one of the best shows I’ve personally ever been to.

Joining these two powerhouses was rock band Crown the Empire. Due to New York City traffic we didn’t make it to the venue in time to catch their full set. However, I was able to catch the last two songs and I wasn’t disappointed. Their crowd seemed to be engaged in their performance even if they hadn’t listened to Crown the Empire prior to that night.

Next up was Asking Alexandria. I had only seen Asking Alexandria once before at Warped Tour, but that was when they had Denis as their singer, so I was extremely excited to see them with Danny back on vocals. They opened up their set with “Into The Fire” and immediately the energy shot through the roof. I didn’t think the energy could grow anymore but I was wrong. As they started playing “Not The American Average” the crowd had taken it to a whole other level.

I had always known Danny Worsnop was an extremely talented singer from listening to their recorded albums and up to this point in the set he had only proven that to be true. But then they performed “Vultures” and I was astounded by how beautiful he sang every note as well as the control he had over his voice. And he was able to do all of this sitting down. As a singer I have faced the challenges of trying to gain control of your breath as well as obtaining the power to sustain demanding notes while sitting and Danny did both of these flawlessly.

Following the powerful performance of “Vultures” they performed an acoustic version of “Someone, Somewhere” and dedicated it to all of the troops that were stationed around the world, tugging on the heart strings of every audience member.

Overall, Asking Alexandria’s entire set was phenomenal. The pure joy and happiness plastered on not only the faces of the audience, but the band as well, made the performance enjoyable to watch.

The excitement was buzzing throughout the audience as we anxiously waited for Black Veil Brides to take the stage. At about 9:10 the lights went down and one by one each band member appeared on stage. They opened up with “Faithless” and almost immediately the entire crowd was completely entranced by the music.

Their set consisted of mainly songs off their older albums, only playing “Wake Up” and “When They Call My Name” from “Vale.” All five of them seemed so ecstatic to be up on the stage playing music for their fans. This was my fifth time seeing Black Veil Brides and I can honestly say this is the happiest I think I have ever seen Andy and that made the performance unbelievable.

Andy’s voice sounded the healthiest it has ever been as he flawlessly hit every note and scream that appeared in the tracks. Like Danny, the control he maintained throughout the set was incredible especially with how demanding some of their songs are.

I think for the first time in a long time I saw more hands in the air than phones which was a really cool thing to experience. Nobody was worried about getting close enough to get a good picture, everyone was living in the moment and enjoying the concert. From the moment Black Veil Brides stepped on stage the audience was entranced in the show and the music that was playing.

Overall, the entire was show amazing. The energy given off by all three bands was through the roof and the crowd hung off every word and every lyric. As Black Veil Brides took their final bow in a shower of confetti I looked around at the two friends I was with and all of us had a smile from ear to ear. It was a show I would love to relive.

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