Marianas Trench is a Canadian pop-punk band that formed in 2001. Their first album, Fix Me, was released in 2006 and the band has only grown since then. Iconic for their upbeat, fun pop-punk sound and their gorgeous harmonies, Marianas Trench has climbed the charts in Canada and are breaking through the United States. The band has worked incredibly hard over the past twelve years to put out four full-length studio albums and an EP. Here are our top 10 Marianas Trench songs.

10. Lover Dearest

The 11th track off of Masterpiece Theater, Marianas Trench’s second full-length studio album, “Lover Dearest” is a love song written by Josh Ramsay to the one thing that was destroying him. Encased in beautiful melodies and metaphoric lyrics is a deep and personal story.

9. Ever After

“Ever After” is the first song and title track of Ever After. It sets the scene for the story the rest of the album tells, about the adventures Josh Ramsay has through Toyland. After meeting the ex-king and learning that he was overthrown by his wife Queen Carolina, after she seduced him into a feeling of safety and stole the heart of his daughter Princess Porcelain. Queen Carolina has also been stealing the hearts of her people and creating an army of heartless toy soldiers. After hearing the tale, Josh sets out to retrieve the box in which Princess Porcelain’s heart is being held, which also happens to hold the key to his way home.

8. Here’s To the Zeros

“Here’s To the Zeros” is one of two singles released off their Something Old / Something New – EP. This song talks about the reality of the music industry and “mainstream” music as well as calling out to “every misfit.” “Here’s To the Zeros” is a fun song that holds the classic, upbeat, Marianas Trench sound.

7. Shake Tramp

“Shake Tramp” was the third single released off of their debut album Fix Me. It is one of the first glimpses fans got of what their sound consisted of. Starting off with a montage of harmonies sung by all for members of the band which then kicked into a punk-rock song.

6. Sing Sing

“Sing Sing” talks about the pressure that comes along with creating music and releasing it to the world. It shows how sometimes, artists just need to take a step back from creating so they can take a breath and regroup. “Sing Sing” is the seventh track off Masterpiece Theater.

5. Stutter

“Stutter” is the eighth track off Ever After. After meeting Princess Porcelain, Josh notices that she has half of the key to the box that holds her heart and they discover that the Stuttering Prince holds the second half. This track is the point of the story where the two of them meet the Stuttering Prince and enlist his help in taking down Queen Carolina.

4. Rhythm of Your Heart

This is the most recent single Marianas Trench has released. It follows a similar path the band took with their last album Astoria. While it still holds a pop-punk sound, there are very obvious 1980’s pop influences tied into the track as well.

3. Yesterday

“Yesterday” is the third track off of their last full-length album Astoria. Upbeat and fun to dance to, this song feels like it could be found in a 1980’s movie. It talks about living for the day because “by tomorrow, this will be yesterday.

2. Shut Up and Kiss Me

The tenth track off of Astoria, “Shut Up and Kiss Me” has heavy influenced pulled from Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five. The last lyrics of the song even say “Don’t sound like Mike did, no, but it’s alright for a white kid.” This song is a lot of fun to listen and sing along to, just like the songs by the great Michael Jackson.

1. Beside You

“Beside You” is the fourth track off of Masterpiece Theater.The obvious interpretation of this song is one of a relationship and how he would do anything to protect the person he loves. But, it seems to go a lot deeper than just that. It’s a song that shines a light when it’s dark and is a beacon of hope for any situation somebody might be going through. “I’ll be right beside you, nobody will break you.”

Honorable Mentions: Celebrity Status, Truth or Dare, One Love, Masterpiece Theater III, Who Do You Love, Cross My Heart, All To Myself, This Means War, Skin & Bones, POP 101 (Barely feat. Anami Vice).