With Senses Fail celebrating 15 years as a band, what would be more appropriate than to list some of our all-time favorite Senses Fail songs? While this Top 10 list may consist of older material, be sure to check out the honorable mentions for a couple songs from later records.

10. “Bloody Romance”

Definitely considered an old-school classic, “Bloody Romance” is from the band’s debut EP, From The Depths Of Dreams. You could interpret this song to be about a bad break up and its aftermath. The romance that once was is now “bloody;” it’s bleeding away to the point where you can’t stop it.

9. “The Rapture”

As religion arguably becomes less of a priority among society, this opening track of concept album Still Searching is all about losing your faith. You’ve discovered that everything you were taught about God and the afterlife is fake. There is no point in worshipping something that doesn’t exist; it is merely all an excuse to find the purpose of life.

8.  “You’re Cute When You Scream”

Probably a fan-favorite off their debut Let It Enfold You, this track is one of those songs where you just have to sing along to. From the quick but badass intro to its extremely catchy lyrical content, “You’re Cute When You Scream” is about talking shit and getting revenge on a girl (probably an ex) who screwed you over.

7. “Buried A Lie”

One of Senses Fail’s most popular songs, “Buried A Lie” tells a dark tale about trying to solve the murder of a loved one. While it is debatable if this song is about digging up lies to solve a case or is simply just a metaphor for saving a dying relationship, everything about it represents the elements of a true pop-punk song.

6. “Bite To Break Skin”

Another extremely well-known song, it starts out with an easily recognizable guitar intro, followed by catchy verses with fun, short screaming backing vocals. Senses Fail has never been afraid to address “deeper,” more serious topics in their songs, so whether this song is referring to Jesus or the experience of war, the lyrics really give fans a chance to interpret its meaning. Oh and don’t forget, this song ends with some pretty intense screaming vocals that will basically make you want to jam out and start a moshpit right in your room.

5. “Everyday Is A Struggle”

Another track from Still Searching, this song revolves around dealing with heartbreak. As you continue to unwillingly reflect on the past, it just makes each day more of a struggle. It almost comes off as obsessive, with attempts to cope in unhealthy ways.

4. “Still Searching”

The title track of the band’s second studio album, “Still Searching” reveals the core of what the story of the concept album is actually all about. One of the heaviest songs from the album, the main character is reflecting on the past. He’s given up his fears as he continues to search for who he really is and who he is meant to be.

3. “Can’t Be Saved”

With its iconic line “Follow You Bliss,” this song from concept album Still Searching is one of Senses Fail’s most popular to date. Providing further context in our previous post “3 Concept Albums You Need To Check Out,” this track is basically about being unable to live up to your potential. It’s when you realize all of the mistakes you made and how they affected your life. Eventually you begin to think that it’s too late to turn everything around. You’ve reached the point where you can’t be saved by anyone or anything other than yourself.

2. “Calling All Cars”

One of Senses Fail’s catchiest songs to date, “Calling All Cars” also helps piece together the story of concept album Still Searching. Immediately started out with vocals, the guitar and drums also build fast-paced suspense leading up to each verse. Not to mention, it also has an extremely catchy chorus.

1. “Blackout”

Opening with extremely catchy guitars, this is a song that anyone who has experienced major heartbreak can relate to. All you want is to stop thinking about that person and to be able to move on, and the easiest way to do so is to simply black out and fall into a deep sleep of unconsciousness. However, perhaps the most important part of the song is the message that lies in the bridge. “I’ve got to move on before I can find happiness” is one of the best lines in Senses Fail’s entire discography because it addresses the lesson that in order to achieve happiness, you can’t continuously dwell on the past.

Honorable Mentions:  “Free Fall Without A Parachute,” “Sick Or Sane (Fifty For A Twenty),” “Lost And Found,” “Family Tradition,” “In Your Absence”



Contributed by Jina Bute | @earthtojina