With a new State Champs album to be released this coming Friday, we thought it would be an appropriate time to list our top 5 favorite State Champs songs.


5) “Nothing’s Wrong”

“This track is incredibly strong, from the guitar intro to the lead vocals that just won’t quit. Lyrics such as here’s to something that you said would be nothing makes fans and new listeners feel connected to the song. This track is also full of tempo changes and a climatic breakdown. Listen to it once and it will become one of your favorite SC songs.” – Tabitha


4) “Elevated”

“Maybe it’s just the concert nostalgia from the time that Derek DiScanio himself literally threw himself into the crowd at my show during the song, but ‘Elevated’ is my favorite State Champs song. However, considering it appears on three different EP/albums that they have released, I think they know it’s a pretty good one as well. Elevated is notable not only for the instrumental upbeat vibe but also for the poetic quality of lyrics. One of my favorite lines from it is: rainy days make me feel like the dream is dead. I think it truly encapsulates the ‘who’ point of the song. I so hope that the band continues to build off of this sound from The Finer Things with their new album.”  Alex


3) “Easy Enough”

“There’s so much right about this track. The momentum of the song transitions fluently, keeping listeners on their toes. Lyrics including I’m willing to prove you’ve got more fight left in you gives hopeful feelings. The track fades out on a steady drum beat and the words It’s hard enough for me to say this/easy enough when you’re the faceless/it’s impersonal/I just thought you should know giving the song an unforgettable outro.” – Tabitha


2) “Eyes Closed”

“State Champs’s ‘Eyes Closed’ is filled with classic pop punk melodies and riffs. The lyrics and melodies can easily get stuck in your head. The entire song is just fun and full of energy, making it one song that you can’t help but sing along to.” – Natalie


1) “All You Are Is History”

“This track flows like an anthem. The velocity throughout it is rapid but not to the point of being repetitive and thus, keeping fans entertained. Lines such as I’m realist/and an optimist/but I swear to you I’m not getting over this gets listeners excited for what else SC has in store for them.” –Tabitha


Honorable Mention: “Slow Burn”

“For being a bonus track, ‘Slow Burn’ is a song with a lot to offer–it shows SC’s maturity and growth within their music. Cause you lit a match/with your nails on my back/and something tells me I’ll never learn/just another slow burn are lustful words strung together to make a chorus you can’t forget, making ‘Slow Burn’ our honorable mention.” –Tabitha

Let us know what your favorite State Champs songs are!