With their critically-acclaimed albums The Used and In Love And Death, The Used have been cited as musical influences for many later bands in the scene. I personally have known about the band for a while now, but it wasn’t until very recently when I truly understood why they were so influential. In honor of my “Most Played Artist” for the last month of February, here are our top six songs by The Used.

6. “The Taste of Ink”

Let’s just get this one out of the way. I mean, no top The Used song list should go without this song. It was basically the tune that put these guys on the map. “The Taste of Ink” is so catchy, moving, rocking; you name it, this song has it, and it is absolutely everything.

5.  “Make Believe”

To be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure why I enjoy this song as much as I do. Perhaps it’s the catchy chorus or fast tempo or just its radio-friendly vibe in general. Whatever the reason, “Make Believe” from Imaginary Enemy is all about denying authority. It’s important to remember that nothing is ever certain in life and the best way to live with it is to not listen to what anyone else says and only trust yourself.

4.  “Buried Myself Alive”

From one of the most influential albums of the 2000s emo scene, “Buried Myself Alive” starts out with heavy guitars and steady vocals in the first verse. It then escalates to an intense chorus that would be awesome to scream along to at a live concert.

3.  “Blue And Yellow”

Another iconic song from their self-titled, what stands out the most in this track is the shift from soft to loud vocals as the song progresses. “Blue And Yellow” is definitely about falling for someone, and in order to make that relationship work, you need to find the perfect mix.

 2.  “Noise And Kisses”

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship of some sort knows the feeling of a one-way connection. The other person just doesn’t seem as invested in the relationship as you are and you’re having a hard time getting through to them. “Noise And Kisses” from The Used’s self-titled is exactly about that: every kiss feels empty and there’s too much noise for the person to hear you.

1. “I Caught Fire”

A passionate, almost-obsessive love song from second studio album In Love And Death, “I Caught Fire” is a lament for the intense feeling of being in love and everything that comes it. If you’re at a concert and this song plays, you better be screaming the best line that everyone loves right before the chorus hits: “I’m melting”


Honorable Mentions:

“Cry,” “Imaginary Enemy,” “Take It Away,” “Let It Bleed,” “I Come Alive,” “This Fire,” “The Bird And The Worm,” “Moving On”

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