It’s no secret that rock stars want the environment of their shows to be safe for not only them, but for their fans as well. This particularly holds true when a fan is acting out of character and the star sees this for themselves. Here are our top 7 rock show ejections.

1. Dave Grohl- iTunes Festival 2011

In 2011, the Foo Fighter were performing at the iTunes Festival, when Dave Grohl noticed a fan starting a fight in the middle of their set. He immediately stopped the set and had the crowd clear so he could see the man better. Dave Grohl then point the man out and tells him to leave his show. He then goes on to say “You don’t come to my show and fight, you come to my show and f***ing dance you a**hole.” The man was then escorted out of the Foo Fighters show.

2. Jamey Jasta- Stockholm, Sweden 2014

While performing at a show in Stockholm, Sweden, Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed, noticed a fan being disrespectful to a few girls in the crowd. He then tells the man to move from the front of the stage to the back of the crowd. After the man gets dragged to the back, he starts yelling at Jasta. Jamey Jasta then tells the man that if he cannot be nice to the ladies he can leave his show. “Respect the girls or get out, period.”

3. Billie Joe Armstrong- Sacramento, California 2009

Fighting is one thing rock artists will not stand for, this is the case for Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. During his show he sees two boys fighting. Billie Joe tells them to shake hands and make up, the boy argues and Armstrong asks him if  he wants to be kicked out. The boy continues to argue with the singer and ultimately they kick him out of the show.

4. Bruce Dickerson- Las Vegas, Nevada 2013

Similar to Jamey Jasta, Bruce Dickerson of Iron Maiden ejected a fan for picking on a girl in the crowd. Dickerson becomes infuriated when he sees a bigger guy picking on a girl. He continues to call out the security guards for being “too f***ing scared to take on someone as big as they are.”  Bruce Dickerson then demand that they pull this man from the crowd and throw him out of the show. “You are trouble” is the one thing Dickerson kept angrily repeating to this man as he is being removed.

5. Josh Homme- Norwegian Wood 2008

Queens of the Stone Age frontman, Josh Homme stops the show to call out a fan that is throwing things at him while he is performing. He tells the kid to come up to the stage, and the kid, thinking this is funny, makes his way to the stage. As soon as the kid ge to the front of the stage there are security waiting to remove him from the show. After saying a few harsh things to the kid Josh Homme then asks the kids friends if they would like to throw anything or if they’re cool. Hommes throws one last insult at the kid and continues with the show.

6. Paul Stanley- 2008

It is unclear as to where this occurred, and exactly what occurred. What we can assume is that a fan was being very disrespectful at a Kiss concert and Paul Stanley had enough. He demands security to remove this man from the show, we see the man being escorted out, and from on stage here Paul Stanley say “say hi to your dad” as the man is leaving. Stanley is known for being very nice to his fans, so whatever this man did must have made him very angry.

7. Kurt Cobain- Oakland, California 1993

New Years Eve 1993, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain throws a man out of his show for inappropriately touching a woman in the crowd. In the middle of an acoustic set Cobain sees a man touching a woman in the front of the crowd, he then drop his guitar and rushes to the front of the stage to yell at this man for his actions. Bass player, Krist Novoselic, to make a few comments to further embarrass the man.