Erase the Pain is Palisades fourth studio released album. Released on December 28th of 2018, this ten-track record showcases the epitome of Palisades’ work; raw emotion, good instrumentals that play off of electronic beats, meaningful lyrics, and putting everything they have into something to share with the world. 

The New Jersey natives partnered with Howard Benson, a legendary producer that has worked with bands such as My Chemical Romance and Three Days Grace. Benson helped Palisades hone their skills and create a spectacular piece to listen to for days on end.

Without further ado, here are five of the tracks that stick out to me most on Erase the Pain.

1. Vendetta

Starting off our list is the first song on the album. Titled “Vendetta”, it sets the tone for the album. It reminds me a lot of their older stuff, which I love, and I think that is a good move to starting any new album. Instead of pushing to have the album sound entirely different from past music, they went with something familiar to draw their fans in. The lyrics are meaningful, and I noticed the drums a lot on this track. Overall, it is one of my favorites to listen to.

2. War

Palisades released this song as one of the two singles ahead of the album’s release. I saw these guys live in November and they played “War”, and I was blown away. I am a huge fan of their previous, self-titled album and was not sure how much I would enjoy their next album because that one is so good. War was the indication I needed to prove that Erase the Pain would not disappoint. The song ties together electronic beats, hardcore vocals, and great guitar and drums, and good lyrics to tell a story.

3. Fragile Bones

Next is “Fragile Bones”. This song starts off slow but builds itself up gradually and it will get stuck in your head all day. I really like the approach this song did to going hard on the choruses and pre-choruses and being more toned down on the verses. The bridge captures the story of the song, and overall is one of my favorites on the record.

4. Shed My Skin

Additionally, “Shed My Skin” is one of the many songs on this record where the guitars are the main focus, along with the lyrics, but that comes with most Palisades songs. I like this song because there isn’t too much screaming. With too much screaming I feel like the words of the song get lost, and they overpower everything else going on in the song. This song has a good balance of normal singing and screaming, and I really enjoy that. The lyrics are powerful, they talk about wanting to leave the past behind and starting over. The subject wants nothing to do with their past.

5. Erase the Pain

Lastly, we have the title track of the album. This song encompasses everything that Palisades is.  Similar to “War”, the use of electronic beats is very well done here. The singing and screaming ability of Lou Miceli is so underrated. His voice is just another one of the tricks Palisades has under their sleeve. The emotion these guys are trying to convey shines through, and this is a song that will be stuck in your head all day long.

These are five of the songs that I really enjoy off of this album. Honestly though, I love everything Palisades pushes out and this is no exception. Be sure to check them out if you haven’t already, because you won’t be disappointed.

Here is the full album link if you would like to listen to it in its entirety.