Paramore sat down with The Guardian to open up about all of the band’s drama, tensions and legal battles over the last few years, as well as, their upcoming album After Laughter.

Zac Farro talked about the open letter him and his brother Josh Farro wrote when they quit the band stating that he wasn’t totally behind the letter in the first place:

“I’m a very loyal person to my family and I love them to death,” he says. “I stuck with Josh in a lot of things that I didn’t necessarily have as much of a say in as he did … some would say I lived in his shadow a bit and around that time [the open letter] came out I was realising that. How we were approaching leaving the band came across very differently.”

Hayley Williams and Taylor York touched on the legal battles happening with Jeremy Davis over royalties:

“What I will say is that it’s such bullshit that we’re in a lawsuit,” sighs Williams. “I wasn’t OK for a while; maybe I’m still not.”

Taylor York says that he didn’t even feel Davis’s leaving because he was so used to the pain of Paramore. “I was just numb,” he says. “It was just another drama and another example of being in a band and it being really difficult, and feeling bad about that. We have the coolest job ever but why does it have to be so hard?”

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