Paramore has hit one HUGE accomplishment. The group has officially hit 1 billion streams on Spotify.

Their self-titled album has had over 365 million streams alone. Their debut album has an impressive 60 million plays. If you’re wondering which song is the most played, it’s “Ain’t It Fun” with 103 million plays.


Congrats, Paramore!

This news only adds to the already busy week of Paramore news. A few days ago, the band registered 12 new songs with ASCAP that have since been removed. Then, there was a Snapchat image of Hayley Williams on a music video set that had surfaced. Next, there was an interview with Hayley Williams where she mentioned that she thought about quitting 2 years ago. Lastly, “fake” Paramore lyrics were tweeted out that appeared to be to a newly registered song, “Fake Happy.”

After all this, we are ready for some new music.