Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy stopped by Rock Sound and was interviewed for their podcast where he shared some exclusive news about the band’s upcoming album MANIA.

“I’d say we’re 60 or 70 per cent done with the record now,” he revealed.

“I think we got ourselves into a strange situation where we put out ‘Young And Menace’ and then we were like, ‘What’s the rest of the body of work?’.

“I think we just kinda let each other do our own thing and, rather than serving the art, we ended up serving each other and the songs just weren’t compelling.”

And after the band recently released their latest single “The Last of the Real Ones”, Wentz goes on to say:

“I don’t think that people will hear anything else from the original ‘M A N I A’ sessions, maybe you’ll get a melody or a couple lyrics or something, but for the most part it’s all scrapped.”

You can check out the interview below.