Pete Wentz sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about Fall Out Boy’s upcoming album M A N I A.

On what the fans can expect from the new album, he says:

“It feels like every once in awhile, you’ve gotta do a hard restart that clears the cache and erases the hard drive. I think that’s what “Young and Menace” was – a big palette cleanse. I think it gave us the space to create something brand new. The world can be a big lonely place, especially for kids who are trying to figure themselves out. I think sometimes we can forget that… that’s who Mania is meant to speak to. That’s who I want to reach. I don’t think that kids should feel like they need to adjust their empathy or selves to the world – I’d rather give them the belief that they can adjust the world to fit their empathy.”

Wentz then went on to talk about how he sees the band’s last two album American Beauty/American Psycho and Save Rock And Roll as kind of the same and “blur together” for him. He then explains that M A N I A is like “the first of a new era” for the band:

“I think we have to just move forward – that’s the goal of us (I don’t mean the band; I mean humans) – we just need to evolve. No one wants to be who they were two years ago or 10 years ago… it’s great to have that snapshot, but it’s time to hang up your hat when you think your glory days are behind you. I think the sound of FOB will always come with us because of the nature of how Patrick sings against the music – it is just inherently there.”

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