Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner we put together a playlist of some of our favorite love songs.

“Paint It Black” – Andy Black

“It’s only natural for there to be rough patches in every relationship. There’s going to be fights, there’s going to be times when you can’t stand to look at each other. But throughout those times you have to remember the reasons you love each other and why you’re still together in the first place. In a sense you have to completely paint it black, start over, and realize the rough patches won’t last forever as Andy says in his promise to Juliet throughout is song Paint It Black.” Natalie

“Hero/Heroine” – Boys Like Girls

“We’ve all experienced situations and relationship where we’ve been the one to be seriously hurt, often leading to keeping our guard up to prevent ourselves from feeling such pain again. Hero/Heroine is about meeting and falling for someone who makes you want to open up again. It’s when you’re so in love or infatuated with someone that you do not care about the consequence of getting hurt, because that person’s love is their ‘sweetest sin.'” –Jina

“With Me” – Sum 41

“Easily a 2000s favorite, With Me by Canadian pop punk/punk rock band Sum 41 is an iconic rock ballad for anyone who is a sucker for a good rock love song. The song starts out with one of the most soothing intros in pop punk to date and builds up to a powerful chorus both lyrically and musically. If I were to choose what song I wanted for my first wedding dance, With Me would definitely be that song.” –Jina

“Mona Lisa” – The Summer Set

“Have you ever loved someone so immensely that you’d do absolutely anything for them? That’s the message The Summer Set delivers throughout their song Mona Lisa. The songs shows how if you love somebody you will do anything for them, no matter how tedious or ridiculous. It says that there is nothing in the world that he could love more than the girl he’s in love with, making this song perfect for Valentine’s Day.” –Natalie

“Fire In My Heart” – Simple Plan

“Included in the band’s 2013 “Get Your Heart On – The Second Coming!” EP, this song is basically about the overwhelming feelings another person wakes up in you, I would dare to say that specially in the beginning of a relationship.” –Chevy

“Love Drunk” – Boys Like Girls

“So this is a bittersweet song (more bitter than sweet) but it’s one that always comes to my mind. The memories of a relationship that was too important and meaningful but that ended up being toxic.” –Chevy

“Lime St.” – Neck Deep

“Depending on the listener, Lime St. can be interpreted in different ways. It’s good for break ups or just missing a significant other that’s not always around for whatever reason. Lines like “I swear to god you save me” shows how much you can care for another person.” –Tabitha

“Vicious Love” – New Found Glory (feat. Hayley Williams)

Vicious Love is a fun song to share with someone you’re dating. The music is catchy and the words show that no matter how hard a relationship gets, love can get you through all hardships. Perfect to get you in the Valentine’s Day mood!” –Tabitha

“Bukowski” – Moose Blood

“There are certain pure moments that every couple longs for. Perhaps the most relatable is when you steal the sweater of your loved one. This song captures all those cute moments, loving embraces, and more.” –Alex

“Tear In My Heart” – Twenty One Pilots

“In the normal ever changing dynamic of Twenty One Pilots, the band seems to capture what it means to be in love. There are two principle parts to this song that seem to contrast each other: the idea of surrendering yourself fully to someone who you love and how it feels to want to protect someone so much, keeping them safe while they sleep.” –Alex

Other Songs Featured:

First Date – Blink 182
Only One – Yellowcard
Runaway – Against The Current
All To Myself – Marianas Trench
If I’m James Dead, You’re Audrey Hepburn – Sleeping With Sirens
The End of All Things – Panic! At The Disco
Around The World and Back – State Champs