It’s that time of year again! Get your cozy socks, warm blankets by the fireplace, and Christmas lights swinging, because we have another list of pop punk Christmas songs that will surely get you in the holiday spirit!

What’s Christmas time without some good ol’ jolly music? As they say in the movie Elf, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear”. However, for some of us, Christmas music is dull by itself, and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” can get beyond annoying.

With that being said, here’s some Christmas tunes you can jam out to without the annoyance or grievance of traditional songs.

5. “Yule Shoot Your Eye Out” — Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy is great on its own, but when they write an original Christmas song about a break-up and continue to be the edgy band they are, it’s always a good time to jam out. Apart of 2003’s ‘Believers Never Die’, this song made it onto FOB’s greatest hits album, as well as one of pop punks’ best edgy christmas song. So hang up the stockings and go ahead and think about your ex — it’s okay.

4. “Right Where You Want Me To Be” — A Day To Remember

Believe it or not, yes, this is a Christmas song. No, there’s no sleigh bells or jingles and jangles, but there’s a theme about coming back for Christmas to be reminiscent and visit loved ones, especially a girl. Sometimes, being gone for so long can make you want to come back home, but coming home during the holiday season can be extra special. For those traveling, this is definitely a jam on your way back home this holiday season.

3. “Alone This Holiday” — The Used

Sometimes, the holidays can be a sad time of year for some people, for those homeless, without families, but in The Used sense, without a girlfriend for the holiday. The song goes deep on how some woman will be alone this Christmas because of her mistakes in the relationship. As one of the best songs’ The Used has written, this is easily one of the most relatable songs that help someone think they’re better off this holiday season.

2. “Won’t Be Home For Christmas” — Blink-182

For a lot of people, Christmas time can be a bother and it can be hard to find the holiday cheer when you’re forced to associate with people you dislike. For a lack of better terms, it’s like putting on a mask and faking it through the holiday.

Blink-182 created this pop-punk masterpiece, igniting a flame in all of our teenage hearts and thrashing out the angst we have all felt this time of year. Not to mention, they do it in a humorous way as Mark Hoppus sings about freaking out on Christmas Eve and spending the night in jail, where a guy named, “Bubba” unwraps his package.


1. “All I Want For Christmas” — My Chemical Romance

Move over Mariah Carey, the kings are here to take the Christmas throne. I’d take Gerard Way’s whimsical voice over her overrated version of this song that is only recognized when this season comes around. No hate, but this deserves the crown of Christmas.

It’s nice to know MCR left a nice present for us this time of year, delivering a classic version of a Christmas song that kept their wonderful sound still in tact. Whether you like them or you don’t, this is still one of the best punk rock Christmas jams of all time.

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