PVMNTS will release their debut EP, Better Days, on August 17, 2018. The band is composed of Tyler Posey (vocals, bass, guitar), Freddy Ramirez (vocals, guitar, bass), and Nick Guzman (drums). Since their formation, PVMNTS has gained a rather large fan following and with only one demo and two singles out, have headlined a tour in the UK, played the Slam Dunk Festival, and four Warped Tour dates on the last run of the tour.

Their highly anticipated Better Days EP was produced by legendary producer Kyle Black who has produced projects for All Time Low, State Champs, and New Found Glory. When AllPunkedUp interviewed PVMNTS in March, Ramirez described the content of the EP as “heavy and mature” with songs about “overcoming some obstacle in your life.” Their goal going into the studio was to create something to make people feel less alone.

The Better Days artwork (shown above) sets the direction for the whole EP. In the artwork, you see a person pealing off their face and hanging it up with the other masks they have. It’s about choosing which face you want to put on that day; who you want to be and what you want to portray to people. Do you want to pretend you’re okay? Do you want to show your sadness, your hurt? It shows how people put on a front.

The EP kicks off with the groups second single “Chemical Trails.” “Chemical Trails” opens with strong guitar and drums and continues with a catchy chorus. The heavy guitar makes it almost impossible not to jam along. The theme of the song shows the contracting nature of your emotions after the use of prescription drugs-the feeling of being okay and then the drastic change to feeling anything but okay. The drums in the chorus pull you in, while the lyrics give you an anthem you can’t help but sing along to.
Stand Out Lyric: “I’ll be alright, oh it’ll be just fine. I’m screaming for the blinded. I’m not alright I can’t say it enough.”

“Hit The Ground” is the next track up and catches your attention with its unique guitar sound. The lyrics stand out in this track because it is extremely relatable to anyone growing up and out of their past. It seems to be about the moment where your past self and your future self collide with each other and you don’t exactly know who you are. The upbeat instrumentals paired with the lyrics make you want to blast it in your car on a stressful day and scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs.
Stand Out Lyric: “There comes a moment when you disagree with everything that you’re meant to be.”

“Standing (On My Own Two Feet)” was the first single off the EP and starts right off the bat with strong vocals. Something about this song draws you in immediately and piques your curiosity because while it has the same pop punk roots, the sound is different from the previous two songs. This track has the classic PVMNTS intense instrumental undertones, but Posey’s vocals really shine through here. Part of the draw is this song gives you a little bit of everything – it starts slower than the rest, but once it gets going, it gives you a sound you can jam to and a killer chorus to sing along to.
Stand Out Lyric: “I’m not sad I’m not numb, I’m not anything at all, but I definitely feel a change.”

“Another Monday” immediately gave me an old school Blink-182 vibe from the instrumentals to the vocal arrangements. It is an upbeat song overall, but the bridge brings an unexpected and refreshing acoustic sound to the song for a few seconds that really adds to the dynamic.
Stand Out Lyric: “Will this turn out to be one of those nights where I can’t seem to get my head straight. When everyone is slowing down, my head is in the fast lane.”

The fifth song “White Walls,” starts off with a softer sound than the rest of the EP. White Walls is an optimistic song about moving on to better days and fills the listener with a calming feeling despite the upbeat chorus. It depicts going through a struggle, but holding out for better days because you are not ready to let go yet. The song slows considerably at the end, bringing in an acoustic feel and it gives the listener a sense of peace about moving on to better days.
Stand Out Lyric: “Someone please come and be my savior because I don’t want to go just yet.”

Better Days ends with the track “Heavy Moon”, which starts out with an intense bass and guitar and doesn’t slow down from there. The theme of this song depicts depression, self loathing, and the need to blame that feeling on something just to give it a face, so you blame the moon. There is an intense breakdown in the bridge that helps you feel the exact frustration this song portrays.
Stand Out Lyric: “A cold shower socks the nerves, but that shit doesn’t work when you can’t feel anything anyway and that new leaf never turns.”

This EP carves out a unique sound for PVMNTS while also giving veteran pop punk fans a sense of familiarity. Overall, the songs give off a high energy feel and make you want to dance along. This EP offers endless catchy chorus’s while delving into deep, meaningful topics at the same time. After this EP, we definitely cannot wait to see what’s next for PVMNTS.

Be sure to give the Better Days EP a listen when it comes out this Friday, August 17th.

If you like what you hear, you can see PVMNTS on their first US tour this fall with WSTR, Hold Close, and PCL. You can find the tour dates below and purchase tickets at https://www.pvmntsband.com/pages/tour