Pop-punk band PVMNTS is about to blow up the scene and you’re not going to want to miss their debut!

This three-piece band is made up of long time friends Tyler Posey (vocals, bass, guitar), Freddy Ramirez (vocals, guitar, bass) and Nick Guzman (drums). With just one demo out so far, PVMNTS has already gained an impressive following. The band has several tour dates already scheduled for May 2018 in the U.K. as well as sets at Slam Dunk Festival and The Great Escape Festival.

PVMNTS is beginning the recording process on Monday, March 26, with legendary producer Kyle Black who has produced projects for All Time Low, Paramore, State Champs, and many more.

All Punked Up got the chance to speak with the band about how they came to be, what we can expect from their new music, and their future plans!

Starting with the basics, I read you decided on the spelling of your name during a game of Wheel of Fortune, but how did you decide on the name PVMNTS? What is the meaning behind the name?

Tyler: That’s really funny, the Wheel of Fortune thing actually isn’t true. We just thought that was funny. Every time we would practice or jam we would have a list of names constantly running through our heads to see what we liked. We started getting inspiration from lyrics from bands that we like. We’re huge fans of the band The Story So Far; they have a lyric where they say “pavements” and we liked the way it sounded and it just felt like a really dope band name. But then there’s this other band that came out in the 90’s called Pavement, not plural, and we felt a little awkward about being so similar to them so we just decided one day to take out the vowels.

It worked because it not only was a badass band name, but it looked like a really cool logo as it is. So we kind of just lucked out. A band angel came upon us and granted us a cool band name.

How did you guys decide this was the right time to start PVMNTS?

Freddy: I don’t think that we really decided that it was the right time. I think it just kind of happened. We’ve always liked playing music and Tyler and I have always had really good chemistry playing music together. And although our past band kind of disbanded, we’ve always had this want to play music with each other. So it was only a matter of time until we could get together again – until our schedules freed up to make music again. We never really planned anything, it just sort of happened. But I think just like anything, when you don’t plan for something, just like when you write songs or whatever, when it just happens naturally it is always a good thing.

Nick: It takes on a life of its own.

Nick, how did you wind up joining up with the band?

Nick: I met them at a swingers bar – no, Freddy and I met at school. I was one of those douchebags with a guitar, just a guy with a guitar playing on a college campus. And Freddy just by happenstance was walking by. He introduced himself and we started hanging out. We’ve known each other for some years before PVMNTS had its formation. Freddy and I were playing music together for a while and eventually he sent me the demo they had for “Jumping Stairsets.” It was guitar, bass and vocals and I was like ‘Let’s do this, yes!”

Speaking of your first demo, you just released it and are working on your first EP. Have you started the recording process yet and can fans expect to hear new music before the U.K. tour?

Freddy: We get in the studio on Monday [March, 26]. We have recorded a rough demo in my bedroom actually, but Monday we get into the actual studio to record the real release. As far as release dates, there’s nothing set in stone yet, but we are shooting for sometime mid-to-late April hopefully if everything goes to plan.

Can we expect a music video for “Jumping Stairsets?”

Tyler: I’m friends with this cool director who did a couple American Nightmare videos and he wants to direct our video too. So we’ve got a few ideas we’ve been jumping around with, but something will come out soon for “Jumping Stairsets.”

What can fans expect to hear on the EP?

Freddy: For the EP, we tried to get as much of our sound into it. The songs content for the most part is pretty heavy and mature. The songs are mostly about overcoming some obstacle in your life or depression. But they all mostly have a positive outcome and that heavy kind of non-stop driving force that “Jumping Stairsets” has. That’s kind of the sound we have, but you’ll hear more dynamics in the other songs. There’s lower breaks and then heavier breakdowns, catchy stuff coming.

With the heavier topics, is there any message you want fans to take away from your music?

Freddy: We go though the same kind of stuff. We will be as open as we can about it and possibly share our experiences or how we cope with it. Really just the feeling that you’re not alone. That’s what was always cool about music in general is that you have a place where you don’t feel like an outcast.

You have some shows coming up in the U.K., what are you most looking forward to about those?

Freddy: Trying Fish and Chips. Everyone’s building it up so much, how could I not be excited for it?

The actual playing music part is going to be fantastic. That’s what I’m looking forward to the most. I’m looking forward to seeing how people take our music and how they react to it. Also we all really love hearing the fans sing back our lyrics, that’s always something super exciting and that’s something we all look forward to every time we play. But just mainly seeing the reaction and how people take our music. Also meeting the people too, it’s a new country for us, we’re the foreigners, so meeting them and seeing how life is from their end is going to be really interesting. It’ll be a great time!

Are there any plans to tour the U.S. in the near future?

Tyler: Oh yeah, yeah definitely! We’re trying to set some shows up before we kick off to the UK, but definitely have bigger tours lined up after the UK. But nothing set in stone yet, we’re still talking about it all and hopefully we’ll play some smaller shows before we take off for the UK tour. Some backyard gnarly underground heavy punk shows.

Freddy: Or we’ve talked about doing pop up shows.

Tyler, I know you are close with the guys in All Time Low and State Champs – any chance of collaboration?

Tyler: I mean shit, we’re always open to that stuff! I love those guys; I’m a huge fan of their songwriting. I’m sure they would be down; I think those guys are always down to do a cool collab. But I feel like I don’t foresee that in the near future because I feel like we are still pretty new. I don’t know, maybe when we’re recording our EP I’ll hit them up. But I think we would all love to do that. I can’t speak for the other bands.

Are there any artists you guys are listening to now that you would love to tour with?

Nick: Counterparts!

Freddy: Architects. I’d love to play with Architects! Even though we’re a very, very different genre. Just being able to play with the bands so you can watch them after. Even if we’re not in the same genre, that would be so cool.
We’re doing that with Slam Dunk and that’s just insane. Super stoked for Trash Boat and Knuckle Puck because I haven’t seen them live at all and they’re some of my favorite bands. Just sharing the stage with them is going to be pretty sweet.

Tyler: I just want to tour with my friends. Like Knuckle Puck, Neck Deep, State Champs. All the bands that we’ve kind of gotten close with over the years. It would be the coolest to play with your friends. And it makes me happy to play with Nick and Freddy because they’re my good friends.

Nick: And The FAIM. We’re already touring with them but they’re fucking dope!

You’re going to be working with the producer Kyle Black, tell me a little about the recording process you’re about to start.

Tyler: We actually got a glimpse of Kyle Black’s process – Freddy and I recorded with him for a two-song demo almost ten years ago for the first band that we met in. I think the recording process is not too different from any other process. You lay down the drums, then kind of get in with the instruments, and then focus on the vocals after. We get into the studio on Monday.

Nick: I’m going to get my ass kicked.

Freddy: We’re just really excited to see how everything is going to turn out and how much our music is hopefully going to surprise us with that final result.

One last fun question, with PVMNTS playing two festivals coming up, if you were creating your own festival and you could have anyone, dead or alive, who would you want to play it?

Freddy: First of all, it would be called the No Vowels Festival! Second of all, I would go with Jim Morrison because I’ve been listening to a lot of The Doors lately.

Tyler: I’d probably pick Blink 182, 2002 era. I want a festival with that Blink era. As much as I love the Matt Skiba era, that’s the Blink I fell in love with.

Nick: I would say any era of Thrice, any era of Underoath, old ’96-‘97 era of Refused, and The Chariot when they were still a band.


Check out PVMNTS debut demo “Jumping Stairsets” and their U.K. tour dates below – and be sure to follow their socials to keep updated on new music, tours, and videos!

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