What a mess this is for PWR BTTM. After all of the sexual assault allegations, Pitchfork is reporting that the duo’s music will is no longer offered on iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play or Amazon.

Pageant is no longer available on iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play, or Amazon. PWR BTTM’s older records released by Father/Daughter Records, including their debut album Ugly Cherries, have also been removed from iTunes, Apple Music, and Tidal. Currently, none of PWR BTTM’s music is available through Apple or Tidal. Spotify remains the only streaming platform where all of PWR BTTM’s music is still available. According to a Polyvinyl representative, the label has asked for it to be removed from Spotify, as well. Representatives for PWR BTTM were not immediately available to respond to Pitchfork’s request for comment.

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