Melody driven punk band Icarus the Owl has released new single “Faile Transmissions” as they gear up to begin promoting their new album Rearm Circuits. The band’s never-ending determination in the music field has paid off. After five previous EP’s and albums, the band is ready to bring more to you on December 1st.

On the band’s new single, singer Joey Rubenstein shares: “I grew up listening to fast and melodic punk music. Late 90’s Fat wreck and Epitaph bands were my lifeblood. We wanted to capture the essence and energy of a genre I hold so dear, but insert our style into it.”

Since 2009, Icarus the Owl has kept grinding to the top. They have followed Vans Warped Tour in the promotion of their music and in 2015 they were signed to Blue Swan Records. Their debut with that record label landed them on the Billboard Heartseeker’s chart. This continues to ring true for the band in their new single “Failed Transmissions” which you can listen to now here. In addition, the band has released a second single, “Dream Shade”, which you can listen to here.

In preparation for the band’s album release, be on the lookout for an All Punked Up exclusive review of the entire album before the music officially drops.