Edgy and unapologetic, Las Vegas based rock band Adelitas Way has blazed their own trail in the music scene since 2009.

Although several original members have changed, the outfit has released 5 studio albums; a self titled album in 2009, the classic Home School Valedictorian in 2011, Stuck in 2014, Getaway in 2016, and Notorious in 2017. Adelitas Way has also most recently released a single titled “Drifting” on June 20, 2018.

Currently composed of Rick DeJesus, Trevor Stafford and Andrew Cushing, this rock and roll trio is set to begin touring at the end of the month.

Frontman Rick DeJesus took some time out of his busy tour prepping to answer a few questions about everything from where Adelitas Way has been to where they are to where they are going. Check out the interview below!

“We all live our best life doing what we love, and have the time of our lives doing what we do.”

What was the hardest part of establishing yourself as a band? (the biggest struggles you had getting yourself off the ground as a young band)

It all starts with the scenes locally, I wish there were more media outlets for fans to discover talented new artists. Spotify is doing that now so it’s changing things quite a bit. For us we just earned each fan one song and one show at a time, and here we are blessed, and playing amazing shows anywhere and everywhere nightly!

What bands do you look up to?

I don’t look up to anyone, but I do admire and have love for so many artists. Alter bridge/Creed, Theory, Three days grace, TFK,  and so many more. We all live our best life doing what we love, and have the time of our lives doing what we do.

What’s the hardest part about being successful?

I don’t even think about that, I feel blessed, I love the hard work, I embrace it all, I’m enjoying the ride and looking forward to what’s next.

What’s your favorite part about being in a rock band?

There’s too much to name haha, it’s the best job in the world, it’s next level fun, I thank God everyday for my life.

How have you learned to adapt to your rockstardom?

I just treat people kindly with respect, no different from how I have my whole life. The fans are everything, I look forward to meeting them.

What has been your favorite tour/tour date thus far?

We have done so many great tours, Uproar in 2011 was insane, the memories from that tour are epic. But we have done and still do tours that compete to be my favorite.

With the upcoming tour, what’s the worst/best part of preparing?

Driving, after u seen the country 20 times u would like to teleport.

How do you choose your opening acts?

We like bringing our friends out when we can, we like tour to be fun, we always look at what’s right for certain tours as a package as well, but usually it’s our friends opening.

What are you looking forward to most on this tour?

Fun nights with my best friends, I play music every night it’s amazing. We always looks to enjoy ourselves, whether that’s on a beach or in a arcade on a off day. We are gonna live a little.

What are you looking forward to least on this tour?

I’m ready, there’s nothing I mind to much coming my way.

Any shameless plugs or other information you care to share…

Follow us on Apple Music and Spotify, spread the word, we are changing the music game together, one fan at a time.

When is the new album coming?!?!?!

There’s always a new album in the works, we are always writing and creating. I’m feeling amazing, the songs will reflect that we are a force in music.

What’s next for Adelitas Way?

Changing the game one song and one show at a time.  

How do you hope to develop as a band?

We want to be the underground Kings who broke from the underground. People are still discovering us, we are gonna give them a reason to find us.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

In 5 years we are going to continue to prove that we are one of the best artists in the world.


I would like to thank Rick to taking the time to answer these questions.

Do yourself a favor and check out Adelitas Way on Spotify and Apple Music. Have a listen to the old and the new and check out a tour date near you!

Tour Dates:
Sat, AUG 25 — Birmingham, AL
Sun, AUG 26 — Fairfield, AL
Thu, AUG 30 — Springfield, IL
Sat, SEP 01 — Merriam, KS
Wed, SEP 05 — Joliet, IL
Thu, SEP 06 — Omaha, NE
Sun, SEP 09 — Fargo, ND
Wed, SEP 1 — Saint Louis, MO
Thu, SEP 13 — Indianapolis, IN
Fri, SEP 14 — Fort Wayne, IN
Sat, SEP 15 — Columbus, OH
Sun, SEP 16 — Cincinnati, OH
Tue, SEP 18 — Louisville, KY
Wed, SEP 19 — Charlotte, NC
Thu, SEP 20 — Jacksonville, NC
Sat, SEP 22 — Greenville, SC
Tue, SEP 25 — Greensboro, NC
Thu, SEP 27 — Orlando, FL
Sat, SEP 29 — Fort Lauderdale, FL