Right On, Kid! is a pop-punk band from Albuquerque, who recently released Forever Missing Out, the band’s newest EP. We got the chance to talk to them about lineup changes, music inspiration, lyrical content and their upcoming show with Senses Fail!

When Right On, Kid! first started out, it was acoustic project among  two of you. Now your line up has increased and your tracks are fast paced and electric. What sparked you to make such a change?
The dynamic of being in a full fledged band was really appealing to us when we started, we just didn’t know anyone else playing music at the time. Once we met RJ [Butler, guitar/vocals,] Tieler [Cooper, bass] and eventually Elijah [Pomerleau, drums] we took the opportunity to write music that we enjoyed listening to and playing.

Continuing on as a five piece band, would you like to incorporate acoustic pieces more or less in your music?
We’ve always had a lot of fun writing acoustic songs, but we don’t really make the decision to do so. We write songs based on how we are feeling and are open to the option of having more acoustic tracks if we think they fit.

Your new EP, Forever Missing Out, has a sense of familiarity while staying uniquely gritty, what inspired this sound?
These songs are definitely influenced by other bands that are part of the “New Wave” of pop punk. We really like the direction that our genre is going, and wanted to bring in elements from other genres that take us out of our comfort zone and allow us to shape our own sound.

What track was your favorite to record?
Definitely Loci. It is fast paced, hard hitting, and different from the other songs on the EP.

Lyrically, your songs feel relatable. What motivates you when writing the words to a song?
Our songs are heavily based on our personal experiences, so it’s natural that other people have
gone through similar emotions. We like being able to write songs that tell our story, but can be interpreted and appreciated differently by others.

Which artists are your biggest influences?
Tieler Cooper, bass – Title Fight, The Wonder Years, Senses Fail
Nick Encinias, Guitar/Vocals- Taking Back Sunday, Turnover, Bad Suns
RJ Butler, Guitar/Vocals – Thrice, Fall Out Boy, Queens of the Stone Age
Zach Rose, Vocals – Movements, Free Throw, Like Pacific
Elijah Pomerleau, Drums  – BADBADNOTGOOD, Touché Amoré, Madlib

You just recently announced a tour with When Thieves Are About and Serious Matters. Being no stranger to the road, what city is your favorite to play in?
Huge shout out to the Eaden Ballroom in Grants Pass, Oregon. That place is awesome, everyone there made that show one that we’ll always remember.

What songs are your favorite to perform live?
Definitely Loci, Safe Haven, and Clarity. Those songs always get a great crowd response.

Along with this tour, you’ve also announced that you’ll be opening for Senses Fail on May 31. With SF being such an influential band for many, what are you looking forward to about this performance?
We’re looking forward to playing in front of and meeting people who normally would never listen to us being that we’re a newer band. Hometown shows are always a blast because of our friends that are always open to supporting us no matter what. Also, Tieler is stoked to share the stage with one of his favorite bands.


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