It’s time we take a look at and appreciate Riot Fest’s Twitter responses and see why we have dubbed them not only Riot Fest, but also Roast Fest!


When they just needed to pay the bills:

When they provided an obvious solution to an impossible decision:When they proved this concert goer wrong…and took their left kidney:

When they coached you through convincing your parents to get you tickets:

While at the same time turning into your parent and yelling at you to get a job:When they nailed sarcasm over the internet:
When they were the bad influence in your friend group:

When they turned into a parent again and weren’t up to date on the slang:

When they called Brendan the fuck out:When they let you know in the most subtle way that you’re not welcome:
When they try to warn you that your friends ain’t shit:

When they provide a pretty convincing counter argument to why you should buy a Riot Fest ticket:
When they really roasted Ian with sarcasm:When they just spoke the straight up truth:When they showed that being in the music industry is essentially the same as living like a college student:

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