In contrast to the typical rough rock in mainstream media, Scott Dean brings out the more peaceful side of the genre with a soft, melancholic single entitled “The City Falls.” This acoustic piece gives a delicate yet powerful vibe that is left open for a listener’s interpretation.

As he explains;  “the song was inspired by The Dark Knight Rises and the idea of a dark force taking over the city. That could be literal, or It could be a metaphor for something else – it’s up to the listener.”

Scott Dean draws roots from grunge and rock bands, but definitely frames this song in a new light. “The City Falls” resembles similar sounds that one might expect to hear from The Fray. You can find “The City Falls” as a part of Scott Dean’s album– Neon.

In addition to the new single, Scott Dean will be performing in upcoming shows! Find more details here.


Contributed by Alex West | @PresidentWestie