Senses Fail rose to fame with their full-length debut Let It Enfold You in 2004.  Now over fifteen years later with six studio albums in their discography, the pop-punk/post-hardcore band just released their new all-acoustic EP In Your Absence with Pure Noise Records.  To celebrate their brand new release as well as the tenth anniversary of iconic album Still Searching, reviewing this five-track acoustic EP was inevitable.

The track list features three new exclusively acoustic songs and two acoustic versions of previous songs. The first track from the EP is called “Jets To Peru.” Signifying a return to the band’s original pop-punk roots, this track has a very poppy beat throughout. With its catchiness and elements of a fun love song, you can’t help but think “Aww” when you hear it.

Much more solemn, the title-track “In Your Absence” is a tribute to lead vocalist Buddy Nielsen’s wife who struggles with the condition of multiple sclerosis. We all have the fear of losing someone we love, and what’s so powerful about this song is the fact that it isn’t about hoping for someone to get better, but rather accepting the fact that your time with that person might not last much longer. It’s about trying to cope with death, rather than looking at the positive side because in reality, there never is a true positive aspect about losing someone you love.

The third new acoustic-exclusive song is called “Death Bed.” This song serves as a tribute to those who lost their battle against cancer. It covers all of the mixed feelings of sadness while also appreciating the good memories you had with that person. This is a song that a lot of people can relate to, and it is definitely no stranger to the pure emotion that the EP offers as a whole.

The other two tracks are acoustic versions of previously-recorded songs from past records: “Lost And Found” from 2006 album Still Searching and “Family Tradition” from 2008 album Life Is Not A Waiting Room. The instrumentals of “Family Tradition” still holds its rejuvenating vibe of the original even when stripped down. Meanwhile, the acoustic version of “Lost And Found” provides an almost-eerie vibe at the very beginning. Throughout the entire track, Buddy Nielsen’s vocals are almost haunting. This song is full of emotion and is probably my favorite off the entire EP.

Whether Senses Fail goes for a pop-punk, post-hardcore, or acoustic release, they always succeed at creating something their fans will love. See the playlist below to hear their In Your Absence EP in full.

Favorite Tracks: “In Your Absence,” “Jets to Peru,” “Lost And Found (Acoustic)”

Least Favorite Tracks: N/A

Overall Rating:  4.75/5

Be sure to catch Senses Fail this spring on their Quince Años tour in honor of fifteen years as a band and the tenth anniversary of album Still for more information.