It isn’t quite the news that the Galaxy Note 7 wanted or could have predicted, but the phone has grabbed more attention for it’s literal explosive characteristics.

Because of the constant complaints and reports about many Galaxy Note 7 phones going on fire — yup, on fire. Like, actually smoking and burning up — Samsung had to recall all of the devices and trade them for new ones with what was supposed to be a fix for its battery problems. The new phones had a green battery status icon (contrary to the normal white one), so that meant they were safe now. But it turns out that since past week there have been new cases of Note 7 catching fire on airplanes or in someone’s hands because of battery problems. This time the issue wasn’t with the old phones but with the replacement ones, those that were supposedly safe.

So what now? Apparently Samsung has stopped production of the Note 7 and all of the major US carriers are prompting their consumers who own any Note 7 variant to return them and trade them for any other phone.

So if you own a Note 7 you should be contacting your carrier right now and ask for a trade. Seriously, at this point any phone is better and safer than the Note 7. You might want to consider Google’s new Pixel phones (only through Verizon or unlocked) or an iPhone 7, for example. Sorry, Samsung.

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