Last month, post-hardcore band Alesana revealed their latest project Origins. Recently becoming available for purchase, we conducted an interview with vocalist Shawn Milke where he shares the background of Origins and what he thinks fans will enjoy the most about the project.


Has this project been in the works for years or was it a more recent idea?  Who came up with the idea and how did it come about? 

I would say that the concept of the project first popped into my head a few years ago.  It started off as something much smaller but as I began to look for content I realized that it was going to be far more immense than I had imagined.  It was definitely a passion project for me and I hope that the fans enjoy it.


Based on the teaser trailer Revival released, much of the content appears to be footage of early live performances and sound recordings.  Can you confirm any of this or even provide information on other types of footage that we can expect from “Origins”?

The video footage and audio content included with Origins is quite vast.  It has moments that span our entire career including live performances, studio footage, music video sets, international excursions, and so much more.  The audio portion is hours and hours of demos and rarities.


How did you choose what content or material to include in “Origins”?

I tried to put myself in the mindset of a fan.  If a band that I loved was putting together something similar to Origins, what would I want to see and hear?  I decided that the answer was, “as much as I could.”  The good thing about Origins is that you can experience it at your own pace.  You don’t have to sit down for ten straight hours, unless of course you want to.  Thirteen years is a long time and I wanted to share as many cool moments with our fans as possible.  


Why did you decide to limit the release of the project to a certain amount?

I think that the limited quantity makes it more special for those who get involved.  They are hand numbered and personalized which makes each box unique and specific to the person who finds their key.  Is it possible that Origins becomes available in a different way later down the line?  I suppose so.  But I really wanted to keep this intimate and limited.


Lastly, what do you think Alesana fans will enjoy or appreciate most about “Origins”?

I am hoping that our fans appreciate the DIY nature of the project and the hard work that went into putting it together.


What comes with Origins?

  • Digital Download of BRAND NEW SONG, “Fits and Starts” upon purchase
  • 1 Handmade Origins Stained/Engraved Wooden Box autographed by each member of Alesana
  • 1 The Lost Chapters CD containing 6 brand new Songs from Alesana available Exclusively with Origins
  • 1 The Lost Chapters Cassette Tape containing 6 brand new Songs from Alesana and 6 instrumental versions of the songs
  • 1 Origins USB Key with over 10 hours of Video and over 10 hours of rare Audio tracks
  • 1 Necklace to go with USB Key
  • 1 USB Key Box with Foil Printed Origins Logo
  • 1 Origins Handbook – Carefully crafted to accompany the history of Alesana and walk you through all material covered in Origins
  • 1 Alesana Original Logo T-Shirt
  • 1 Guitar Pick pack including 1 Guitar Pick pack including 1 Brand New Design and 5 designs used during Alesana’s Career
  • 1 Poster Pack including 5 Brand New Alesana Posters
  • 1 “Free Ticket” voucher good for use at any 1 (one) Alesana Concert* (some exclusions apply).  This is good for entry for you + 1 other person.
  • 1 Personalized Letter and Certificate of Authenticity

Origins is available for purchase via the Revival Recordings online shop here.