Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro sat down with Purevolume where he opened up about the depression and lack of confidence experienced in the last few years.

That’s basically it, exactly. Most humans, at a certain point, can just get too overwhelmed. And like a lot of creative people, you’re more prone to emotional dramas, and your dark little worlds are often in need of brightening. And that’s the way it manifested itself in me – not believing I could write music. I forgot how to do it, after finishing, What? 140 songs? I honestly felt locked out. And there were a couple of songs for this album where I finally reconnected to the innocence of making music again – not worrying about it being the best song of all time, but just writing music to satisfy myself. And I think that was important. And in terms of pressure, I certainly felt it for the first time – that a lot of people ere waiting for this album. And I usually didn’t care what other people thought when I was writing, but this time I fell into this rabbit hole of doubt.

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