On September 22, 2017 post-hardcore band Sleeping With Sirens released their 5th full length album Gossip. After the release of the first single off the album “Legends” I wasn’t sure of what to expect. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the song after listening to it, but it was different from what the band had released on previous albums, having an almost pop sound to it.

They later released their second single “Empire To Ashes” and I immediately fell in love. The song itself is anthemic with rock roots different from Legends. I may be wrong, but I also think that this song is in reference to HBO’s hit series Game Of Thrones because of lyrics like “the lion and the wolf, old gods and the new, battle of the bastards…” and others throughout the song.

The title and opening track of the album “Gossip” gives me an almost 3OH!3 feel with the electronic rock/pop influences. This seems to fall under the same category as “Legends”It’s very different from any of Sleeping With Sirens’ other releases, but still enjoyable for the listener.

“Trouble” falls somewhere in between the pop influences in “Legends” and Gossip” and the rock sound of “Empire to Ashes”. This is another one that gives me a 3OH!3 feel, but it’s more of an electronic rock sound with a bluesy undertone so to speak, than an electronic pop sound.

“One Man Army” is personally one of my favorite tracks off the album. It’s mellow but the message it carries is huge. It’s uplifting message it’s very clear in the lyrics “you miss the chances you don’t take, you can’t be afraid to make mistakes.” This track also has a hint of Kellin Quinn’s high range that’s been pretty much absent so far in the album.

The third single from the album “Cheers” is another rock anthem. While the verse lyrics of this song are loosely written, it only makes the chorus that much more powerful. Basically telling listeners to not worry if they’re different from everyone else because they “march to the beat of a different drum.”

“Closer” is one of those songs that I can picture the crowd all light up with flashlights from phones as they play this. It’s beautiful, calm, and a great song to blast in the car and sing along to.

“Hole In My Heart” is an anthem for the ones who feel like they don’t exist. The chorus of the track states “it’s okay show them who you are, everybody hurts, everybody’s got scars.” Through this track we get a taste of Sleeping With Sirens’ previous albums, as well as Kellin Quinn’s upper register that he, and the band, are so well-known for. “Hole In My Heart” is another one of my favorites off the album.

“I Need To Know” is another song that’s on the mellower side of the album. It’s a heartfelt message to an ex lover asking if they would feel the same “when the night time’s calling and the rain starts falling…” I took the question as, when the busy day is done and all the distractions are gone, do you still remember me?

What seems to be present in some young aspiring musicians is they are in it for the rush, the money, etc. That’s the complete opposite of what Sleeping With Sirens talks about in their song “The Chase”. This song shows that they’re in it because this is what they love to do, this is what they’re meant to do, and they can’t walk away from it.

The closing track of the album, “War”, is a mature final statement of a new era for the band. The heavy story that is told by the lyrics paints a picture for the listener  and allows them to feel every emotion the characters in the story are feeling. It’s a beautiful end to the album.

Overall, I really enjoyed this album. I wasn’t sure what to expect when first listening to it but now that I have I haven’t been disappointed. Sleeping With Sirens took a risk and went in a different direction than what their fans are used to but personally, I believe it worked out for them. Gossip is definitely an album worth checking out.