Derek DiScanio tells Rock Sound that State Champs plans on working with All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth on their upcoming album.

“It was our first time collaborating with someone else. This time we were like, ‘Let’s get out of the comfort zone, think outside the box and try working with other people. Alex was a great segue into that because he was already our friend and we obviously think pretty highly of him – he’s an influence of ours. We came out with two cool songs in ‘Slow Burn’ and ‘Hurry Up And Wait’.

“I like the dynamic of the two songs, they show a little bit of everything and they’re a hint into what we’re writing now. We’re doing a lot of writing for the new record already, we’ve still got a way to go with it but we’re really starting to dive into the writing process.”

“I think we’ll bring Alex back for a little bit of it. We want to write some songs ourselves again, combine those with the collaborations with Alex and then pick the best ones for the record.”