(Image curtesy of the Chicago Tribune) Daryl Wilson, of Naperville, is a very active lead singer in the punk band Bollweevils, often jumping and flipping on the stage or leaping into the audience. (Meredith M. Goldberg)

It’s hard to live the life of a punk rock star when you’re a doctor. Your life consists of saving lives, diagnosing patients, and a lot of hard work dedicated to those in need. As much of an importance that role is, it must be even harder to balance a life outside of being a doctor.

For some, the hospital is their second-home, one where they’re at a majority of the time, being called in  for emergencies and fighting death on the regular. However, sometimes in life, you need an escape. For Dr. Daryl Wilson, he’s a doctor by day, then a punk rocker by night.

According to the ChicagoTribune, Dr. Wilson is living a proud life. The 47 year old spends a few times a month playing in his punk rock band, the Bollweevils, from Naperville, Illinois. They’ve been together since 1989, and have improved his life ever since joining the medical field.

According to the article, Dr. Wilson states, “The tragedies exist. You can’t get completely immersed in the down part of the day. A person can’t live below sea level. You have to look for positives.” Finding an outlet to distract your mind from the stress and grief one can experience in the medical field is one of the most important things a doctor can do.

Not to mention, being in a punk rock band, where you can let out all your frustrations in a healthy, melodic, and meaningful way, is the best kind of relief.

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Chicago Tribune