Sumerian Records is seeking a vocalist for their supergroup. We don’t yet know who is included in this supergroup, but we do know that the vocalist could be you.

Here’s the deets:

This yet-to-be-named and revealed project consisting of long-time members of the Sumerian family is looking for the final piece of the puzzle – your voice. For now, we are keeping this collaboration and line-up a mystery. Full details will be revealed in the near future.

Requirements and instructions below:
– Upload your vocal tryout to YouTube
– Must be a live video of yourself with real-time audio
– Send your submission to
– Singing vocals wanted / no screaming
– Fully dedicated and committed to put in the work and tour world-wide
– You have creative control over lyrics and melody
– Please include lyrics either in video description or in email

– Instrumental MP3 Download for Audition –