New beginnings and clean breaks have been known to create the most surreal and refreshing concoctions. In the case of Sunsleeper, a new up and coming band, Jeffery Mudgett (vocals and guitar) manages to bring a revitalized sound to the music world after restarting his music career with this alternative rock project.

Fans of Portugal. the Man may recognize similar charming and whimsical vibes appearing in Sunsleeper’s EP, Stay the Same, except with the electronica undertones of Portugal. the Man being replaced with dark punk rhythms and perfectly grimy guitar riffs. Sunsleeper has managed to build a deconstructed pop punk sound while still highlighting key norms of the genre.

Songs like “Maple Drive”, the first song the band wrote, according to an interview with Sound in the Signals, provides a deep lyrical journey with a passionate and full sound made complete, especially, with the warm presence of the drums. The song touches on a real of the modern human condition and that is the feeling of being so over a breakup, but still being unable to fully move on because you believe in the other person’s happiness above all else. “I need you to find your rest,” the lyrics beg.

The song on this 2016 EP that connected with me the most, however, was “Best Friends Forget”. Sunsleeper defines their band’s sound in this singular song. It’s alive with passion and burns so strong that the imagery depicted in the words compliments the harmonies in a way that is nearly gospel-like. ‘Long drives sat in silence next to someone that you used to love, you used to know’ is the only way I can define the feeling that this song provides. Sunsleeper’s ode to Seattle grunge with their hometown Salt Lake City twist is truly memorable and I would highly recommend.

Listen to Stay the Same by Sunsleeperhere.

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