Taking Back Sunday is one of the most influential rock bands. With the release of Tidal Wave on September 16th, now would be the perfect time to look back at some of the group’s finest moments.

The band’s Carson Daly performance:

This performance is great because of how rough it sounds. Now, TBS performances are pretty flawless, but back in the day they were so perfectly raw.

Not only did they do live T.V performances, but they were also featured on Degrassi:The Next Generation, a Degrassi Mini and their music was featured on movie soundtracks like Spiderman 2, Fantastic Four and Transformers.

Fans probably remember seeing the video for “MakeDamnSure” appear on MTV for the first time, and essentially falling in love with what they saw.

This track came off of their third album, Louder Now, and was released in 2006. The album was different from the other TBS releases. This one was released via Warner Bros. Records, whereas the others came from Victory Records. But what stood out most was its sound. It was said by lead vocalist, Adam Lazzara, that fans felt that their live shows showcased more energy in the songs than the previous studio versions. Louder Now was intended to show more of that on-stage fire they were bringing.

In 2007, TBS’s previous label, Victory Records, released Notes From The Past, featuring songs from Tell All Your Friends, six songs from Where You Want To Be and two B-sides, “The Ballad of Sal Villanueva” and “Your Own Disaster.”

In 2009, the band released “New Again” through Warner Bros. Records. The album made TBS sound refreshingly new and would be the beginning of a recurring common theme showing that as they grow more mature, so does their music; a quality that allows them to adapt to the ebbs and flows the alternative music scene offers.

TBS would then go on to release a self-titled album in 2011 via Warner Bros. Records. The record welcomed back members John Nolan and Shaun Cooper as they had left the group due to wanting to pursue different paths following the release of Tell All You Friends.

The album is home to some unique and fresh tracks that undeniably come together well. One of those fresh tracks is “This Is All Now.”

In 2014 Happiness Is hit the shelves. This record was released via Hopeless Records and the band did it again. The album simply kept listeners on their toes by creating songs that melt your heart like “Better Homes And Gardens.” Adam Lazzara, explains that the track was written during “One of the absolute worst times of my life.” You can take a listen to his thoughts about the song in a fan taken video below. Skip to around the 2:30 mark.

Which brings us to last Friday, September 16th when Tidal Waves was released through Hopeless Records. The record is played with confidence. Each song has something about it that makes it unique. Just like the video for “Can’t Look Back.”

Catch Taking Back Sunday on tour now, happy mic swinging!

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Contributed by Tabitha Timms | @TabithaTimmss