Today marks a new era for Taylor Swift, who seems to have finally had enough of the media, fake fans, and quite honestly the world. What does all of this cause to happen? Pop punk. That, my friends, is the beginning and the basis of the pop punk scene.

And while I’m not quite ready to call TSwift “pop punk”, some fans seem to be ready and here for it.

And, of course, there’s the rest of the world ready to give a reality check.

While the punk T-Swizzle discourse is exciting and all, what’s even more exciting is the song release itself, the album preorder being available, and the new ticket system Taylor rolled out.

Taylor Swift, after teasing fans with snake trailers for a week, dropped a new single today, the first in years. “Look What You Made Me Do” seems to be a direct jab at the Kanye/Kardashian drama and probably just the media as a whole. You can listen to the song and see the lyric video below. Take a look at the colors in the video and the new color scheme Taylor is rolling out for this new era.

In addition to the single, Taylor has also revealed a new album to be released November 10th. You can pre-order Reputation on i-Tunes here.

Probably the most exciting part of all of this is the tickets, which are now more of a competition. In an effort to detour bots and scalpers, Taylor launched a new ticket service with Ticketmaster. If you’d like Taylor Swift tickets, you can click here to set up your account and get in line. The way it works is simple. The more activities you complete, the more boosts you receive and therefore the higher your priority status. When ticket season comes around, those with a high priority status will receive first dibs on the tickets. Activities include pre-ordering her new album, buying merch, and spreading the word.

Taylor’s comeback seems to be making a splash and it’s only a matter of time before everyone else in the pop world responds. Stay tuned.

So, what do you think? Is Taylor Swift punk yet? Is the new ticket system worth it? Let us know!