The Aquabats have started a Kickstarter to create a new album and TV special.

We hear you loud and clear: It’s time for The Aquabats to get to work, making more music and bringing back the Super Show! But the truth is we can’t make ANYTHING without you… and since we’re doing this for you, we wouldn’t want to do it without you!

With YOUR SUPPORT, we can record The Aquabats’ first NEW ALBUM since 2011, and shoot our first NEW TV SPECIAL since 2014. Not only will you get new music and television, you’ll be helping introduce The Aquabats to a whole new generation of Righteous Comrades and future Aquacadets!

Ever since our network went out of business, we’ve tried to find a new home for the Super Show… but we don’t fit into a very neat box. And, even though we know we have THE WORLD’S BEST FANS, the TV networks and streaming platforms aren’t sure if there are enough of you.

So even though we need to raise the funds to make a new album, and a new TV special, it’s even more important to bring together everyone who has ever loved The Aquabats, or believes in what The Aquabats stand for.

See, it probably sounds silly, but we really do want to save the world – if saving the world means giving everyone stuff to feel positive about! When we make music and TV shows, our most important goal is for you to have a good time, and not take things too seriously.

Without all of you, we can’t prove there’s still a place in this crazy world for fun-loving (and kinda weird) superheroes like The Aquabats… and unless we do, we’ll never find a new home for the Aquabats or the Super Show!