On July 18th, Warped Tour hit the Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. The day is also known as “The Best Day Ever.”

Not only do you have great bands playing all day long, but you can also visit tents for your favorite bands and even possibly get the chance to meet them. There is plenty of other tents as well, from magazines like Alternative Press to record labels like Fearless Records and Tragic Hero Records. Amongst others, are tents that you can shop at for backpacks and jewelry. There was even a hydration station to fill your water bottles for free so you don’t go broke buying more shit stuff throughout the day. I mean, let’s be honest, if you’re like me, then you’re already broke just from buying your ticket.

The first band I checked out was Hawthorne Heights who played old hits like “Niki Fm” and “Saying Sorry.” They kept their set well rounded out with some newer tracks too allowing their show to be an all around good way to start Warped Tour.

Then I hit Neck Deep’s set and jammed out to tracks including “Gold Steps” and “Lime St.” It didn’t take long for crowd surfers to take over and everyone to get rowdy. ND played their two newest tracks “Happy Judgment Day” and “Where Do We Go When We Go.” We got to hop along to “Can’t Kick Up The Roots” and a huge circle pit broke out during “Motion Sickness,” and I mean HUGE. We all know that both sides of a pit will have their very own circle pit and that was true for this set. Lead vocalist Ben Barlow took notice and told the crowd to combine the pits which resulted in a tornado of people. It was insane to say the least, but it was so awesome to witness. The band absolutely killed their set.

Too Close To Touch was the next band I got to check out. They played to a smaller crowd, but if you slept on them, then you definitely missed out. Lead vocalist Keaton Pierce, pushed his voice to its limits which left me with chills even though it was so hot out. On an album this band is good, but live this band is absolutely incredible and powerful.

Next, I was lucky enough to see Set It Off play their only date on the tour and it did not disappoint. Frontman Cody Carson is quite the performer from hopping up on stage décor to sing to tossing himself into the crowd. Carson has such a lustful way of singing, especially during the bands cover of Drake’s “Fake Love.” Set It Off is a band everyone needs to experience at least once, it was such a treat to see them on our Warped date.

I then got to see Falling In Reverse, and considering they were only playing 5 dates on this years warped run, I couldn’t miss it. They opened with “I’m Not A Vampire” and the crowd lost their freaking minds. The set continued on with newer tracks and older ones like “The Drug In Me Is You.” I have to say, during the entire set, lead vocalist Ronnie Radke was so theatrically good. If FIR lands on your Warped date don’t miss them because you’re in for a treat.

Dance Gavin Dance came next. I have never really listened to them before so I didn’t know what to expect and I was very pleased. The band played very well and I actually got this great calming vibe from them. They were catchy and refreshing, and watching them play once is enough to make me want to buy all of their music.

Last I saw was Boston Manor. It was a small crowd, but they made the most of it by passionately playing tracks like “Lead Feet,” slowing down for “Broken Glass” and closing it all out with “Laika.” Their set was definitely the best and perfect way to end the day.

Overall, between the music, the crowds, the tents and atmosphere, Warped Tour made for an absolute great time and it totally went down as “The Best Day Ever.”

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