Last Friday, HAIM unleashed onto the LA indie scene with their sophomore album, Something To Tell You. Coming four years after their debut release, these three girls have brought more than a sufficient amount of refreshed and revamped soft rock to the table. It’s smooth, it’s catchy, and it’s everything you want as the soundtrack to your summer.

The first track is a previously-released single, “Want You Back”, that opens the album better than any other song could. HAIM demonstrate very uniquely rhythmic vocal ventures and this song is exemplary of that. Another one of their singles, “Little of Your Love”, is also peppy and energetic in this manner, which follows the deep and vibey “Nothing’s Wrong”. All of the above fall into the situational category of driving with the windows down.

“Ready For You” artfully and effortlessly demonstrates the band’s variety of style. Within a matter of four minutes, the girls take you on a groovy rollercoaster of rhythms, specifically when it comes to the bridge. It’s charming and addictive with a seamless execution. Oddly but accurately enough, “You Never Knew” sounds like your backyard in June. The delicate synth notes along with the acoustic guitar and mellow bass are blended to summery perfection.

Something To Tell You album cover (via The Fader)

While “Kept Me Crying” lays more heavily on the bass and distortion than the others, it also highlights some great guitar solo work. A song like “Found It In Silence” showcases another powerful combination between orchestral rhythms with a steady drum presence. Once the title track of “Something To Tell You” rolls around, it becomes clear that all of these musical elements are cohesive in the most explosive way.

“Walking Away” is certainly a song that will fly under the radar alongside the others on this album. However, its simplicity in beat does best to not overshadow the proficiency and honesty of the lyrics. Another track that holds a subtle slowness is “Right Now”, but its muted nature and soft delivery of piano demonstrates the pent-up emotion within the song’s strong confines. Towards the end of the track, echoing drums unleash all that energy into an abyss of faraway vocals. This similar style is most of what makes “Night So Long” the perfect wrap-up to the album.

HAIM didn’t overdue anything by giving an extensive tracklist, and they didn’t underwhelm by leaving you needing more. Each track on Something To Tell You has its own story to tell and holds its own. The ultimate message is that you can’t go any longer without these songs on your summer playlist.