The room was packed wall to wall with passionate fans at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago on Monday, Sept. 25, to see The Wonder Years perform their recently released acoustic EP Burst & Decayavailable now off Hopeless Records. Though this should be no surprise to anyone who knows that The Wonder Years have one of the most dedicated fan bases in pop punk. Their fans know all the words, know all the jokes, sold out all the available acoustic EP vinyl copies made of the record online, oh, and sold out half the dates on the tour upon ticket release. They do not play around.

And why would they, though? The Wonder Years have always been a band to give high-energy performances rife with their most popular hits, but the band promised that this tour would be different and indeed it was. They stripped down their usual set-up and equipped with backyard string lights to set a heavenly mood, artificial flowers attached to their microphones and went acoustic this time around. Starting off with fan favorite “Dismantling Summer,” The Wonder Years played all the songs off Burst & Decay and beautifully reimagined plenty of other songs across their catalog such as “Madelyn,” “Thanks for the Ride,” and “Living Room Song.” They were also joined onstage by the incredibly talented Laura Stevenson for several songs like “There, There” and “You in January.” The show was not short of tears, especially during “Don’t Let Me Cave In,” lots of sing-alongs and plenty of feelings.

Opening up for The Wonder Years was Jetty Bones, The Obsessives and Laura Stevenson – all of which were incredible artists who you should give a listen to if you haven’t already.

Catch The Wonder Years on this magical experience while you can! See their remaining tour dates here.

Check out our gallery for photos from the show and the setlist below:

Burst & Decay Tour at Bottom Lounge

  1. Dismantling Summer
  2. Local Man Ruins Everything
  3. No Closer to Heaven
  4. Don’t Let Me Cave In
  5. A Song for Ernest Hemingway
  6. Thanks for the Ride
  7. Madelyn
  8. Hey Julie (Fountains of Wayne cover)
  9. Living Room Song
  10. Palm Reader
  11. There, There
  12. The Devil in My Bloodstream
  13. You in January
  14. Coffee Eyes
  15. Cardinals