Duo band out of Long Beach, California, This Wild Life released their third album, Low Tides, on September 9th.  The album alone is an emotional roller coaster for the listener as the two sing about certain heartbreak and being able to get up and move on.  “Hit The Reset” is a melodramatic intro, also calling out to California. “Pull Me Out” is about broken promises which end to heartbreak, a big topic on this album.

Kevin Jordan (Vocals), belts out the line, “Love is like a riptide, I think i’m finally letting go”, as Anthony Del Grosso (Guitar) flows like the tide under Jordan’s powerful vocals. The album itself is something we would expect from the two-man group, but they have exceeded again this time by bringing trumpets and various horns onto the album.

The album has a special guest on it, Maya Tuttle, whose voice can easily sing anyone to sleep. The song she features in is called “Let Go.” It’s the conversation between a man and woman in a damaged relationship where they have to decide if they want to continue on or just let go and forget all the pain that they have held up inside.

Low Tides is a magnificent acoustic album, full of moments where it is easy to smile and moments of sadness. This Wild Life are now on their Low Tides Tour until ending the tour on November 19th in Leeds, United Kingdom.

Steam the album below!


Contributed by Lane Hayslip | @fueledbylane