On October 27, 2017, Thumbhole Records released the first album of a new compilation series called Tracks You Might Have Missed Volume 1. Featuring twenty different emerging bands and artists, the compilation sheds a new light on the punk, rock and alternative genres.

The first two songs, “Bottom Of The River” by Captain Trips and “Breaking Point” by Five Year Plan immediately give off a classic-2000s pop-punk vibe, with the second specifically reminding me of a mix between New Found Glory and early Fall Out Boy. Other pop-punk songs include “Laurelie” by Diploma and “Everything Is Cool Dude” by Resistors. But rest assured, don’t expect this compilation to be made up of nothing but pop-punk, because there are plenty of metalcore tracks such as “Paralysis” by Hollow Heart and “Seven” by Still Standing.

In addition to pop punk and metalcore, there are also tracks that can be simply classified as just punk. One of these songs is “Achtung! Halt! Wolf” by Deathcaps. Not only does that song clearly have punk influences in the instruments, but the song name itself practically gives the listener a visual of a wolf running through a forest.

All songs considered, this twenty-song compilation provides a variety of sounds within punk and metal spectrums. Whether you are into pop punk, metalcore, alternative rock or straight-up classic punk, Tracks You Might Have Missed Volume 1 will leave its listeners eager to hear the next release.

Stream the new compilation below!