Tom DeLonge has tweeted that he believes President Donald Trump (ugh, that still feels weird saying/typing out) will be impeached. If you don’t already know, Trump has allegedly revealed highly classified information to the Russians.

Here’s some of Tom’s ranting tweets starting with:

And then:

Trump worked with Russian spies and Mob to commit treason. Entire Administration is about to crumble

Intel Services from 8 Countries have Trump on video tape asking Russian spies to hack election and he’ll relax US policy towards Russia

Ivanka and Jared are involved and will be prosecuted

A sealed indictment (formal accusation of crime) was just delivered by grand jury.

Trump wants water boarding back… I say use it in him to pull out all the spies that infiltrated the White House

Just wait and see what happens this week. A two-year-old knows that Trump is a pathological liar and a criminal… #FBIWillBoilBalls

can u imagine if this shit is real about Trump? Bigger than 911. I know it sounds extreme, but it looks like it’s all true.. hold tight

That’s why Russia news never left, and Trump started melting down this week… it’s why Nunes freaked out, and also why Comey just went

Oh- also an emergency meeting 2 days ago (asked by Putin) with Russia’s Foreign Minister. Trump tried to hide meeting, Russia leaked photos-

I don’t know… but I’ll bet on a big week. If indictments come for a basis of impeachment this week, then acknowledge that I’m awesome

I shall leave this Trump shit alone. Sorry for my willingness to freak out, but Christ… if true, it could lead to bad things

He then rounds it out with these final tweets:

The prophecy is coming… #TrumpGoingToPrison2017

Arrests are imminent. Justice Dept approved plan to arrest multiple people yesterday. 😳