Tom DeLonge showed up recently in the leaked Hillary Clinton documents published by WikiLeaks. He is in talks with John Podesta, Clinton’s chairman, about his upcoming documentary about UFOs. Looks like more emails have surfaced since the first batch.

Here’s one with the subject “Updates”:

Great things happening.

*I had an incredible meeting at Spielberg’s Amblin/DreamWorks Pictures. They are taking their time on reading the book. For them story comes first.

*I met with ScottFree (Ridley Scott’s company) last week – they did the Martian film that has won incredible acclaim over this past year. They were blown away by what I am doing, they need a couple weeks to dig through the Novel. Like everybody else I meet with, their faces drop halfway through the meeting and can’t believe that I am spearheading a project that has support from the shadows. They look comatosed… Ha. But they it’s so incredibly excited that this topic may start to come out.

*I did a general introduction with NetFlix. They want a company-wide meeting on it ASAP, but I need to wait until I go in with a Producing Partner that we pick- Like Amblin or ScottFree.

*I met with Allie Shearmur’s company, she used to Run LionsGate Films and produced all the Jason Bourne films as well as the new Star Wars film that is coming out later this year. The execs were again, blown away. They should have thoughts for us this week actually.

*I have an Amazon meeting and VICE NEWS in next 2 weeks. Amazon, Netflix are biggest TV studios now and doing the most prestigious shows, actually. VICE NEWS just raised $300 million to start doing fictional television based on NonFiction. Sounds like our model.

*i am meeting with Ron Howard’s and Brian Grazer’s company Imagine tomorrow.

*The General (from Wright Patt R&D) and I talk every other day. He and I talked on the phone the other night and he is excited, he really thinks that the DOD is going to embrace my project because I am out to show all the positive things great people have done on this topic. And I am eager to take direction from leadership to do a good and needed public service.

*Rolling Stone is embedding a journalist with me for 2 days to break the story on my project. It will be an international story for print. This is huge as they are known for big cutting edge stories that have political and geographic effects. I have gone through rules with all Advisors on what can and can not be said. It will be tricky, because they will want to know what kind of support I am getting, and I can not and will not say anything to them- But they should get the idea that this is important and real.

*NY Times, WSJ, or Washington Post will follow Rolling Stone with the Foreword of my book that I wrote, and the Trailer for the Documentary. This will lay the foundation that there are many pieces to this puzzle and it will all come out over the coming years.

*The documentary will most likely be a Miniseries. 8 – 10 one hour episodes on an elevated network like HBO. One major producing house wants to do it, but we cannot choose a producer for this until we choose a producer for the Fictional television series. I think VICE news, HBO, Netflix, Amazon may be good candidates for this. I don’t know if you heard of the latest miniseries that got a lot of attention, one called JINX, another called Making a Murderer, another called Going Clear. All of these won awards, and got multiple showings on their networks. I actually think most of these were on HBO.

–Sorry this was long, but lots going on.

Thank you again for your valued time. I hope this project can be an exciting and good addition to your already crazy life. 🙂

And another with the subject “Rolling Stone”:

We are splitting my project release into two pieces. The first one is an in-depth story about what I’m doing. The second one, is releasing the trailer to the documentary and foreword to the Novel.

This first piece is going to be with Rolling Stone, they’re flying a journalist out to sit with me for two days and do an in-depth printed feature on this. They are high on the Sean Penn drug story that got them international attention. This made them call back within an hour with the editor and say “we are all in absolutely”.

We like Rolling Stone, right?

When we release the trailer, with my foreword, we are planning on doing the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, or the Washington Post.

My question is this: Do you know anybody at those institutions that you can put in a good word to consider the story? I think we can do fine on our own, but knowing a good journalist, somebody that would get the hint if you put out an email, we can set up the entire project credibly. I remember Leslie Keane, but I can’t remember who she writes for… Or somebody else more elevated than her, that they can get this in the right publication.

Jimmy Kimmel is now calling, and we might be able to get some TV appearances on this. The story: I’m setting up a project that is going to do huge things for the youth, and I have a secret group of men supporting me to do it.


I do not expect anything, but I will always politely ask. I apologize if it is an inappropriate question, i’m just a man on a mission…

And another one with the subject “Podesta/UFO” that includes a link to a news story about Podesta wanting UFO files released.

Here’s the link to that piece.

If this doesn’t get you excited for Tom’s new documentary, I don’t know what will. Read the previously released Tom DeLonge emails here.