After two years wondering why former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge left his band, why he did it almost out of nowhere and why he was so secretive about it, DeLonge has finally explained why he left so abruptly.

Back in January of 2015, the entire punk rock world was shocked when the news broke that DeLonge had yet again left the band. There were no immediate reasons, not much information and a lot of skepticism.

Tom had little-to no communication with either Mark Hoppus or Travis Barker, and forced them both to turn to Matt Skiba as a replacement. Soon after this, word broke out from news sources that Tom had gone and left the band to search for UFO’s, aliens and a lot of other crazy things. To some extent, they weren’t wrong, but he was up to a lot more than just that.

“When the company (To The Stars) was getting on its feet, Blink-182 was unraveling in the press,” said DeLonge during his recent live stream to announce his big news (video below). He continued, “I had secretly been traveling around the world for 18 months at the time. I was working my way through NASA, the Department of Defense, and various ‘other’ agencies… I couldn’t tell anyone what I was doing, not even the band.”

Tom then went on to explain how other news sources portrayed him, how they exposed him and how they didn’t know what he was fully taking part in. Now with his announcement out and his new project, To The Stars Academy of Art and Science, we now know why he left and how important it was.

However, what does this mean for Blink’s relationship? Is it still spoiled? Will he ever come back? Will they ever make peace with their self-created demons?

Seems like we truly won’t know until either of them is asked or if they’ll ever wind up speaking to one another.

You can watch the full live stream below:

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