Tom DeLonge, former guitarist and singer of blink-182, has officially revealed the reason why he left blink-182 back in 2015 and has bid a farewell to his past.

In an emotion-driven video for his company To The Stars: Academy of Arts and Science, DeLonge admits that he was the one who left the band in January of 2015.

“The last show I played was in front of 100,000 people. They wonder why I’m not doing that now and I’ll say because this is the one moment in my life where I’ll be able to look back as an old man and say, ‘oh my god, I was apart of the team that changed the world,'” DeLonge said in the video.

DeLonge then begins to talk about the beginnings of his music career and how he’s building his company’s success behind the fame he gained through blink-182. He continues to explain what To The Stars is and what they plan to do, which is enticing to say the least. However, in the end, he bids his farewell and tells everyone what they’ve been waiting for him to admit:

“I wanted to make a quick message to let you know that from the heart, I left my band and all that I was known for because this is the moment and time I can change the world for my kids and everybody else.”

The footage ends on a clip of Tom and Mark Hoppus singing together during the early days of blink, really tearing at the hearts of their fans.

This is clearly a goodbye to the world he once knew in blink-182, and definitely serves as a notice that he is in fact consumed in his new line of work outside the band. Turnover all the speculations of a reunion, folks.

I think we can all be happy that he’s doing something he finds to be important to him and his family.

Watch the video below: