Finally, after countless months of Tom DeLonge’s feverish and never-ending promotions of his special ‘announcement’, we might be coming very close to hearing what this seemingly never-ending ordeal has been about.

The announcement has been rumored to be about ‘the essence of life’ and possible extraterrestrials and information hidden behind the U.S governments’ walls.

DeLonge has kept fans waiting for a long, long time during his work with government officials to release said announcement. However, due to a recent instagram post, we might be getting news soon, for real this time.

Important meeting next week. Can’t look like a dirty Skate Rat, apparently. I’m excited for u all, it’s coming…

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen Tom in formal apparel, so maybe this time he’s serious about this announcement.

We can only hope it’s as important as he states it is.

Hopefully more important than what he left behind for Blink-182.

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