In the fall of 2016, Canadian rock band Sum 41 made a comeback with the long awaited release of their sixth studio album 13 Voices. As an influential and iconic band of the 2000s pop punk era, we at All Punked Up decided to put together a list of our favorite Sum 41 songs.

*Note: We lied, it’s not a top 10; it’s a top 11. Top 10 just sounds better.

11) Fat Lip

Off their epic album All Killer, No Filler, this one obviously needs to make our list. This tune not only put Sum 41 on the map, but the band did the song justice by making it one that will forever be ingrained in our heads as one of THE best Sums songs. I mean, we all know what song is about to be turned up to 10 just based on the first few notes.

10) God Save Us All (Death to POP)

One of the best songs from 13 Voices, the track starts off with an almost-haunting blend of vocals followed by a much faster tempo. Following a short pre-chorus, the main chorus itself is probably the catchiest part of the song. What is the song about? Lead vocalist and primary lyricist Deryck Whibley states: “The cool thing about playing rock music all over the world is that you get to share this unity through music with other people. In my opinion, I think you only get that feeling with rock music; I don’t think you feel anything with pop.”

9) Some Say

Many fans would agree that 2004 album Chuck is Sum 41’s best to date. The song addresses how some say to live life one way, while some say another. While the lyrics address a topic many can relate to, what really makes this track is its catchy chorus.

8) We’re All To Blame

“We’re All To Blame” is not only a fan-favorite, but it is also considered a staple for nearly every Sum 41 setlist. Following the first song of the album Chuck, “We’re All To Blame” immediately picks up into one of the most memorable beginnings out of all the Sum 41 songs to have ever been written.

7) No Reason

Another song with one of the most memorable intros of the band’s entire discography both musically and lyrically, this song immediately begins the second after Chuck’s intro track ends. Very fast-paced throughout, “No Reason” is a perfect example of Sum 41’s unique talent of balancing pop punk lyrical catchiness with punk rock instrumentals.

6) Open Your Eyes

With its catchy and fun verses and chorus, “Open Your Eyes” from album Chuck is basically telling someone to wake up the fuck up to reality. Oh, and apart from the message that many people in our lives still need to hear, this song also has an amazing guitar solo right around the 2-minute mark.

5) With Me

Definitely a fan-favorite and one of the band’s most popular songs to date, “With Me” from 2007 album Underclass Hero is practically the definition of what a true rock ballad should sound like. With its sweet lyrical content, this track makes the perfect wedding song for any couple who both share the love for the band’s genre.

4) Handle This

A pure pop punk song with so-called “emo” lyrics, “Handle This” is a track from the band’s breakthrough album All Killer No Filler. It is a song that every one can relate to at some point in their life, regardless of which role they would take in the song (the singer or the audience.) It’s all about taking a retrospective approach towards a relationship or friendship that has clearly been going downhill. It is obvious that it is time to break things off, but we all know those situations and actions are always easier said than done. It’s all about telling yourself, “I know I can handle this fate, but I don’t think the other person can.”

3) The Hell Song

With an extremely catchy guitar intro, “The Hell Song” from second studio album Does This Look Infected? is dedicated to a past girlfriend of Deryck’s who was diagnosed with HIV. This personally was the first Sum 41 song I had ever heard and not long after, Sum 41 became one of my favorite bands of all time.

2) Pieces

Inarguably an iconic song of the 2000s emo scene, “Pieces” is all about that feeling of not being good enough for anyone or anything. Not only does this song have extremely strong lyrical content, but the scenes in the official music video for the song gives depictions of different ideas of “the perfect life.

1) In Too Deep

Yes, this is probably the only “Top 10 Sum 41 Songs” list that does not include “Fat Lip.” Instead, we have Sum 41’s second most popular song of all time, “In Too Deep.” Extremely catchy with its guitars, the lyrical content addresses a situation that every one finds themselves in from time to time. We’ve all fallen head over heels for someone to the point of taking desperate measures to impress and make them fall for you too. It all seems harmless at first, but before you know it, you realize that you pushed everything too far. You found yourself too deep in the situation and it is ultimately up to you to get yourself out.


Honorable Mentions:  “Motivation,” “Still Waiting,” “Speak of the Devil,” “Pull The Curtain,” “Reason to Believe,” “Jessica Kill,” “War”

Check out the playlist with all of the songs below: