All Time Low have been pop-punk icons since their release of EP Put Up or Shut Up back in 2006. From their hit song “Dear Maria, Count Me In” to the subjective misfire with a major record label to two DVD documentaries, these Baltimore boys have been steadily making their way to the top. Now playing sold-out arena shows and some of the biggest rock music festivals around, it is safe to say that this band won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Often cited as a favorite band of the 2000s pop-punk era and known to maintain a close relationship with their fans, their music has often brought many people from all around the world together. A long-awaited list, here are our Top 10 All Time Low Songs.

10. Somewhere In Neverland

Let’s face it, growing up really sucks sometimes, but All Time Low has never strayed away from the reminder to stay young, have fun, and never take things too seriously. So what better way to write a song about it than to reference Peter Pan? He’s known as “the boy who never grew up” and this track off 2012’s Don’t Panic is an anthem for the young people in love, reminding them that it’s okay to be childish and make crazy, careless decisions.

9. Time-Bomb

Fun Fact: “Time-Bomb” was actually originally meant to be a Simple Plan song, but those Quebec boys had another idea in mind. Handed over to All Time Low, this song quickly became a fan favorite off Dirty Work. Not only is it catchy like 95% of their entire discography, but lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Alex Gaskarth’s vocals have an incredible flow throughout the entire song. Time-Bomb is a track that makes you want to let loose and go explore with your friends, regardless of the trouble you may get into.

8. The Girl’s A Straight-Up Hustler

This is definitely considered an old-school All Time Low song, and while the chorus is catchy as hell, it’s the message of the song that really makes it important. From their EP Put Up or Shut Up, this track can be interpreted to be about a girl, who for the lack-of-a-better-word, is a hot mess. It’s about a girl who is so caught up in the glamour and the idea of being wanted, yet the guy in the song is basically saying, “Hey, take off your makeup and put down the camera (or in today’s society, put down your phone!)… let’s just focus on us and our relationship. Let’s try and make things better again.”

7. Something’s Gotta Give

“Something’s Gotta Give” was the first song to be released from their 2015 album Future Hearts. There are several reasons why this song is one of their best songs to date, but the two to really focus on are one, the interpretation of the song, and two, the instrumental elements itself. Everyone knows the feeling of being “stuck,” where no matter how hard you try, it feels like you’re just waiting and waiting for something to change, where it’s finally to the point where it’s like any day now, “Something’s Gotta Give.” Furthermore, the instrumentals is what also really makes the song stand out. The chorus has some of All Time Low’s “heaviest” sound to date, presenting less of a “pop-punk” sound and more of alternative rock. Oh, and don’t forget, the guys are zombies in the music video… and everyone likes zombies.

6. Remembering Sunday

Definitely a fan favorite and a concert staple, “Remembering Sunday” from album So Wrong, It’s Right is one of All Time Low’s few slow songs, and perhaps that is what makes it so special. The mix of acoustic and rock ballad elements with Alex Gaskarth’s calming vocals flows flawlessly from beginning to end. Not to mention, featured vocalist Juliet Simms from band Automatic Loveletter gives a killer sound when it comes to the bridge.

5. Jasey Rae

Another old-school All Time Low song and fan favorite is Put Up or Shut Up’s “Jasey Rae.” Written as an apology to a girl from the past, what makes this song stand out is its extremely poetic lyrical content. With a killer bridge and outro, this is a track you can’t help but jam out to.

4. Six Feet Under The Stars

With its easily recognizable guitar intro, single “Six Feet Under The Stars” from So Wrong, It’s Right is by far one of the most fun All Time Low songs to sing along to. As Alex Gaskarth describes the song: “Six Feet Under The Stars is a place that doesn’t exist. It’s a place in your mind where everything and anything is possible. It’s a place with no rules or limitations. It’s a place where only two people can be at a time where no one can judge them and no one can try to break them apart.” Hey, anyone want to meet me at the corner of Thames Street and South Broadway?

3. Coffeeshop Soundtrack

With a really fun and crazy guitar intro, this song from Put Up or Shut Up tells the story of falling for a married woman and secretly meeting up with her at a coffee shop. We have all been in those situations where we know what we are doing is wrong but we get so caught up in the moment that we just can’t help it. I can keep a secret if you can keep me guessing; the flavor of your lips is enough to keep me pressing sums up the all too familiar feeling of not being able to stay away, despite the fact that you know what you have won’t last forever.

2. Lost In Stereo

Upon the release of third studio album Nothing Personal in 2009, many could say that All Time Low was in the height of their career. A fun song and incredible to hear live, “Lost In Stereo” is simply dedicated to letting go and having fun. Tune out the rest of the world and every one in it and just get lost in the music.

1. Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)

Probably the All Time Low single with one of the most entertaining music videos, this fan-favorite and concert staple from Nothing Personal can almost tie back to “Coffeeshop Soundtrack” from the band’s EP. Similarly to #3 on this list, “Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)” perfectly describes the feeling of what it’s like to catch yourself falling for someone you know you shouldn’t be falling for. But of course, being a rebellious and naïve teenager, you’re going to go for it no matter how damned you know you will be in the end. Oh, and one last thing, don’t forget to clap along right before the chorus hits!


Honorable Mentions: Therapy, Poppin’ Champagne, Dear Maria Count Me In, Vegas, Forget About It, Guts, Missing You, Cinderblock Garden, Toxic Valentine