Blink-182 is well known for their immature nature and foolish behavior on and off the stage. Their humorous personalities were displayed with silly antics and edgy humor every second they were in the spotlight. They took their publicity to new heights with their music videos, which would be displayed on MTV, VHL, and other media outlets like Youtube for millions to share their goofiness.

However, blink wasn’t always about fun and games. They took their ounce of maturity back in the 2000’s to balance their goofiness with real problems and share true emotive potential displayed in their videos.

Here’s a list of blink-182’s top five best music videos, funny or emotional.

5. First Date

This video, which featured a 1970’s throwback vibe, is probably one of the most iconic videos they’ve produced. Each character, especially Tom DeLonge’s persona Boomer, has since been a meme from the beginning. The video had almost nothing to do with the song, but was definitely one of the more funny music videos made. From looking like total idiots, to their ridiculous banter before the video starts, this is an instant classic.

Tom DeLonge should definitely try and grow that mustache in real life.

4. Josie

This music video hits on the idea of going after your dream girl, but falling short. It’s no secret that the blink boys were never the coolest kids in high school, in fact they always roamed around resenting it. The punk kids never got the girl, and this video shows it. From running in a track race and making himself look like a total idiot to sending a love note to the wrong kid in class, Mark Hoppus shows it’s not easy getting the girl of your dreams as a kid in high school.

3. Adams Song

This song probably the most anthemic piece they’ve made, hitting on depression and feeling all alone. “Adams Song” was one of the first real emotional songs blink made, and they did a damn good job with the message. However, the music video grabs their message and pulls it to a whole new meaning. In every shot, it shoes someone in a room full of people having the time of their lives, but one personal who feels completely alone, even with friends all around them. Simply, it hits home for some.

Who’s cutting onions?

2. The Rock Show

Call me a hipster, but blink-182 was the first band to take their budget for a music video and go complete bananas with it. The internet was thrown into chaos when Drake roamed a town and college campus throwing people money, buying them groceries, and making their day for his music video “God’s Plan”. It was a great gesture, nonetheless, but did they give a homeless man a haircut and make him a pimp? Or has escorts cut a man’s lawn? Don’t think so!

Open up your wallets, blink is coming around with some cash!

1. What’s My Age Again

You saw this coming, and it’s well deserved. For an anthem about man-children around the world, showing off grown men running throughout Los Angeles naked and causing a deep disturbance to people going about their business is a perfect way of describing what it’s like to be an immature man trying to make it in the world. Not to mention, watching them play their instruments while it covered their junk was interesting, to say the least.

This may be a controversial statement, but redoing this music video for 2016’s “She’s Out Of Her Mind” was also a hit, considering they used famous Instagram models and Workaholics actor Adam Devine.

Which videos did you want to see make the list?